TX11.NormaGreetings! My name is Norma J. Thomas and I’m so excited to be directing the Denton County Drama Kids! My educational background includes a BAS in Interdisciplinary Studies and Psychology with a minor in Business. I later went on to obtain Teacher Certification at Texas A&M Commerce where I also became a member of the National Society of Leadership. I’ve spent the last twenty five years of my life both working and volunteering with children in many different settings. Nine years ago I was introduced to Drama Kids and spent several years working for the Dallas Drama Kids location. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Drama Kids was making a difference in the lives of many children; their speaking skills and confidence grew by leaps and bounds. This is where I fused my passion for education and children with the fun of drama and theater. Drama Kids provides every child with the same opportunity for growth, not just those that can get past an audition. I’m proud to be part of an organization that has such a well-developed curriculum, but mostly I’m thrilled to make a difference!


Drama Kids Provides

  • Imaginative learning experiences that also include occasional fun class performances to enhance the experience.
  • Highly qualified and specially trained teachers.
  • New creative lessons in each class, proven to be both fun and highly developmental.
  • Programs in community centers, schools and other convenient locations.