The benefits of drama class

The Benefits of Drama Classes for Children

When you consider drama clubs and classes for children, what conclusions do you draw? Do you think of a room full of confident, extrovert young people with ruthless ambitions for Hollywood or television? Has your own child expressed an interest in the peforming arts and been badgering to go? Have you spotted what you think might be […]

Stand up, Speak Out - Stop Bullying

Drama Kids Fights Back Against Bullying

According to the Stop Bullying Now Foundation, 60% of all middle school students say they have been bullied; and, 20% of all elementary school children and high school students say they have been bullied. We believe there is one important element that can defeat bullying and that’s confidence. Confidence allows kids the ability to stand […]

5 tips to develop strong speaking skills

5 Tips to Develop Strong Speaking Skills in Your Child

1)  Listen to what your child is saying.  Children must feel that what they say is important.  Put down the paper, turn off the TV or car radio, and converse.  Knowing that you are listening to them will reinforce their confidence in speaking to you and to others. 2) Practice developing strong eye contact. Require […]

Drama classes help dispel stereotypes

Drama Kids Removes Common Negative Stereotypes about Children’s Drama Programs

Myth: The purpose of children’s drama is to entertain an audience. Fact: The purpose of children’s drama is for participants to develop speaking skills, acting skills, creative thinking, confidence and self esteem.   Myth: Drama requires repetitive memorization of lines. Fact: Creative, developmental drama uses new short plays and other drama activities each class.  The […]

Drama Kids protege Caden

Drama Kids protege Caden is on the road to stardom

Like a lot of children his age, 11-year-old Caden Denslow has big dreams of becoming a famous actor. But unlike those other kids, his aspirations of appearing on the big screen are already taking shape thanks in part to his experience as a Drama Kids student. [Read the rest of the article in PDF format by […]

Low Supply and HIGH DEMAND For Drama Related Activities in Schools = A Great Opportunity!

According to the US Department of Education’s 2012 study on the status of arts education, only 4% of elementary schools offer drama/theater programs. This is in sharp contrast to 83% of schools offering visual arts programs and 94% of schools offering music programs. Couple this with the fact that, according to The After School Alliance, […]