Dear Mrs. Beverly,

You’re a magnificent Drama Kids teacher. I hope you remember me because I’m going to remember you. I always get excited when I come to Drama class because I have a special teacher, that’s YOU. Here’s what Drama is all about to me:

D is for the Dramatic things we do

R is for Really fun

A is for Acting out what we like

M is for creating Memories

A is for we have fun Anytime in drama class

Sierra, student 8 years old



Kids International

I have now implemented Drama Kids in three schools in the past 2 years as part of our after-school program initiative. Drama Kids has a top-notch developmental curriculum. Not only do the kids have fun, but it really does develop their speaking skills and self-esteem. The teachers are reliable and take full responsibility for the kids, and the springtime productions are much anticipated and culminate a year long development effort.

Joanne Heckmen, President

Kids Instruction and Training, Inc.


I love drama kids and I enjoy you being my teacher!

Sarah, Student (age 6)


Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you! My Alison has really come out of her shell by attending your program. With drama she has found her niche and she loves it. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

Mary Cruz, Parent