Just wanted everyone to know how wonderful Corrie Peach McCulloch and Judson McCulloch’s camp was at the community center. The kids had a wonderful time! Thanks again guys!

Camp Parent

Happier than Ever

I have never seen the kids come out of a class so happy before!

Staff at Casey Community Center

Love it!

My kid loves this class, they won’t stop talking about it!

Drama Kid Parent

Fantastic Creative Outlet

We have tried other extra curricular activities in the past, and she had fun, but was never truly passionate about those activities. I was worried that this might be the same but Drama Kids has been a much different experience for her! Presley looks forward to Wednesday nights for her drama and All-Star classes. It has been a fantastic creative outlet for her and she feels like it has made her more outgoing and confident. I love how excited she is to tell me what she has learned after class. Thank you Drama Kids—

Donna, Parent

Confidence & Determination

Thank you Drama Kids Team for giving Kate confidence and determination! She just shines when she is on stage! These skills will serve her well now and in the future! Thanks again for being encouraging and giving these children life-long gifts!

Bill and Robyn, Parents

Jadyn has definitely come out of her shell…She is articulate and definitely has more confidence in social situations. She enjoys the fun exercises in class and loves coming home and demonstrating what she has learned…My husband and I highly recommend this program to all children. It is such a wonderful outlet for children to explore who they are and become more comfortable around others.

Jami Jozwiak-Parent

My son came home today and told me that his speech therapist was so excited about how well he was coming along with his speech issues. She thanked him for all his hard work and told him to keep doing the speech exercises she taught him. He told her that it wasn’t her exercises that were helping him… it was Drama Kids! He told her about all the articulation and projection activities you have in class and said that Drama Kids makes it FUN! I had to share this with you to let you know that what you are doing does make a difference. Thanks.

Gloria (Drama Kid Parent)

My 8 yr old is running for her elementary student council and she was practicing her “speech” this morning at breakfast. I have more than a hunch that her confidence and excellent articulation are due to what you guys are doing with her at Drama Kids.

Proud mama