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Drama Kids Launches Its New ACT UP! Anti-Bullying Initiative

Bullying remains the most prevalent form of violence in our society today. According to government statistics [], almost 30 percent of students in grades 6-12 experience bullying in one form or another, including cyberbullying. Equally alarming, about the same number of kids admit to doing the bullying themselves.

Drama Kids, has always felt a responsibility to do our part to help kids build the confidence they need to stand up for themselves and for others. We know that confidence is a skill that kids can develop and strengthen through practice and reinforcement. Through our drama programs, we’ve seen how our students stretch their comfort zones and learn how to step forward, speak up and express their ideas, and respect others. But we believe we can do more.

Drama Kids is proud to roll out our newest initiative – ACT UP! to Stop Bullying. This series of anti-bullying workshops is designed for 3rd through 5th graders and utilizes a variety of student participatory drama activities and group discussions to teach children about the various forms of bullying and the ways in which students can properly respond.


Specifically, the workshops are designed to help students:

  • Understand the many and different forms of bullying, from physical and verbal attacks to more subtle forms like purposefully excluding someone from a group
  • See the different roles they can play when bullying occurs, from silent participant to observer to preventer
  • Reinforce that their negative feelings about bullying are very common and shared with their peers
  • Learn how to model good behavior
  • Role play to learn how to identify bullying and practice safe and effective interventions


According to the Education Development Center, empathy activities like role playing are among some of the most critical social skills we can teach our kids. “Children are less likely to hurt and more likely to help someone if they can imagine themselves in that person’s place and can share that person’s thoughts and feelings.”[i]


Using our developmental drama approach, we are proud to do our part in helping kids gain the confidence and skills they need to not just prevent but stand up to bullying. The workshops are available as a stand-alone program or as an add-on option to our traditional drama programs. We also look forward to introducing the workshops as a week-long camp program next summer.


For more information, contact us at 866-809-1055, or

[i] Preventing Bullying, 2013, Education Development Center,


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Drama Kids International Announces the Addition of New Franchise Owners

Source: Drama Kids International Dated: May 07, 2015 

Drama provider expands to 54 locations in the U.S. due to popularity of program 

LEESBURG, Va. — Contact: 

Charlie Kerr President

1-866-809-1055 ext. 201

Drama Kids International Announces the Addition of New Franchise Owners 

Drama provider expands to 54 locations in the U.S. due to popularity of program. 

Leesburg, VA , May 7, 2015  — Drama Kids International, the nation’s largest afterschool drama company, recently announced the addition of two new franchise owners in April. After attending the extensive Drama Kids franchise owner training program this summer, both will be providing the Drama Kids’ unique developmental drama classes to children in locations throughout their market areas beginning September 1 st. The new owners are:

Sherry Shannon – Drama Kids of Central DuPage County Illinois; and

Pam Kornfeld – Drama Kids of Birmingham, Bloomfield and Troy Michigan 

“We are excited to have the opportunity to make Drama Kids programs available to children and their parents in these markets” said Drama Kids President, Charlie Kerr.  “We are very selective with regard to the caliber and experience of individuals who are offered the opportunity to become Drama Kids franchise owners.  Sherry and Pam will make a very notable difference in their communities by giving children ages 4-17 the confidence to think big, speak up and play an active role in society.”

Drama Kids uses a very different, developmental curriculum in its program that enables children to learn how to think creatively and confidently express themselves.  These same skills can be the building blocks that help children achieve personally, academically and professionally.  With all the talk today about bullying and low self-esteem, Drama Kids classes meet a great need in our society.

These new franchise owners join a network of more than 50 Drama Kids franchise locations throughout the United States.  Currently Drama Kids has over 10,000 students enrolled in its fun-filled, developmental after-school drama programs.

“We continue to aggressively seek qualified new franchise owners in markets throughout the U.S. and look forward to welcoming many more qualified individuals to the Drama Kids network of franchise owners over the next few months and in the years to come”, said Kerr.

About Drama Kids

Drama Kids International is the largest after-school drama program in the world, with more than 50,000 students currently at its 1,500 plus locations both in the United States and internationally. Its copyrighted curriculum features original, creative lessons with a built-in advancing scale of development that enables students of different ages and abilities to progress at their own rate. Its curriculum differs significantly from traditional drama programs, with an emphasis on fun drama activities that are designed to allow all students to fully participate and develop acting, speaking, and collaboration skills regardless of age or prior experience level.

Drama Kids offers age-appropriate classes for students ages 4 through 18 years old. Classes meet once each week for one hour at locations throughout the country. The program allows new enrollment throughout the year, space permitting. Drama Kids also offers Drama Kids Preschool Workshops, Drama Kids Summer Camps, and Drama Kids At School, an in-school program for elementary and middles schools that brings its innovative curriculum directly into the schools as part of the school’s after-school program. For more information, visit  For franchise information visit

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Stand up, Speak Out - Stop Bullying

Drama Kids Fights Back Against Bullying

According to the Stop Bullying Now Foundation, 60% of all middle school students say they have been bullied; and, 20% of all elementary school children and high school students say they have been bullied. We believe there is one important element that can defeat bullying and that’s confidence. Confidence allows kids the ability to stand up for themselves and for others. Confidence is a skill that everyone can develop IF it is focused on. Many parents believe that their children have natural confidence, but the growing bullying and teen suicide statistics say otherwise. Confidence must be taught, practiced, continually reinforced and recognized. Unfortunately, most kids and teens don’t get such training.
Drama Kids students gain confidence by taking small but important risks in class to step forward, speak up, and express their ideas. Daring to be seen and heard is hard at first, but through constant praising and encouragement by our teachers, stretching limits through drama soon becomes second nature to our students. We feel strongly that our program is an effective weapon against bullying because our class curriculum taught by our trained teachers includes in EACH class:

  • Opportunities to work with new students – no CLIQUES allowed!
  • Partner opportunities to work together with someone new and present results together.
  • Small group and team opportunities to build leadership, compromise, and negotiation skills.
  • Presentation time to perform in front of the teacher and other students.
  • A strong focus on projection and speaking skills. Speaking up with strong articulation is taught and reinforced to all. We love noise! – Coherent, thoughtful, and creative noise.
  • Fun and constantly changing drama activities are used to ensure that all students participate fully. No stars are anointed over anyone else. All students are praised and recognized as the incredible miracles that they are.

One mom’s letter to us sums it up best:

“I know I have said it before, but I cannot say it enough, Drama Kids has made a huge difference in Lauren’s life. You gave her the confidence to start to take risks and move forward in her life. Before she started Drama Kids, life seemed so hard for her – especially when it came to friends. I remember in fifth grade she asked her friends if they thought she was weird and believe me, some said yes. Now she is engaging with adults and having them be so impressed with her. I know at that moment I thought of you and Drama Kids and the positive influence you both have had in her life. Seriously, when she walks across that stage in June, you will be right there with her. Know that you played a huge part of the wonderful adult she has become. I hope this also reminds you that what you do is so important.”

We CAN fight bullying. We CAN build confidence. We urge you to contact your nearest Drama Kids owner to learn more about our classes in your area, or very confidently open a Drama Kids franchise near you, At Drama Kids – the Difference IS Dramatic!

5 tips to develop strong speaking skills

5 Tips to Develop Strong Speaking Skills in Your Child

1)  Listen to what your child is saying.  Children must feel that what they say is important.  Put down the paper, turn off the TV or car radio, and converse.  Knowing that you are listening to them will reinforce their confidence in speaking to you and to others.

2) Practice developing strong eye contact. Require that your child look into your eyes whenever they speak to you.  Then challenge them to do the same when talking to anyone else.  Praise them when you see this happening.

3) Develop articulation. Use tongue twisters to emphasize articulation in a fun way.  Concentrate on correct articulation.  Do not allow the child to speak too fast at the cost of poor articulation.

4) Ask your child open ended questions that require more than a yes or no answer.  For example – “Tell me more about your movement exercises in class today?”  If you need a subject to discuss, perhaps read a small story to your child then ask hypothetical questions about what might happen next, or which character they liked.

Older children can be involved in discussing national news events, or school activities.

5) Don’t speak for your child.  Encourage children to speak for themselves.  For example, have children place their own orders at restaurants.  The practice of speaking to others in a clear voice is well worth the extra time that it may take to get your food.