DKI Acting Academy – Grades 6-10
The Link School of the Arts, 1077 Rankin Dr. Troy

This class will be held at the Birmingham Unitarian Church, conveniently located on Woodward Ave, with an ample parking lot.  This in-person developmental drama course will include a wide range of age appropriate creative and fun activities that promote the development of leadership, communication skills, and creative thinking. Classes explore in-depth acting techniques such as improvisation, imaginative character building, monologue delivery and group scene work. Students will learn from an award-winning curriculum that encourages them to express themselves through communication, creativity, and collaboration all while building confidence! This class will adhere to strict COVID procedures including temperature checks, social distancing, and wearing masks. Each student will be provided a DK communicator mask in their first class to bring each week. For the safety of our teacher and students, parents will not be allowed inside the classroom. See full COVID procedures on our website.

DKI Acting Academy – Grades 6-10 M 7:00-8:00 6-10 10/19-12/14 $162 Please email us at the link below to receive a registration form. Please specify in your email what class you are enrolling in.