This form must be filled out before a child can attend a free trial. Free trials are for first-time guests only. This offer is only for locations with space available.

In consideration of accepting the above named participant(s) in our program, the undersigned parent or guardian hereby agrees to indemnify and keep harmless the School District, Drama Kids International, Inc. and its franchise owners, and employees, collectively referred to as “DKI” against any and all liability claims, judgments, or damage arising as a result of participation in our program, or as a result of any course of instruction or supervision given the participant by DKI.

Furthermore, DKI is not responsible for the supervision of participant(s) either before or after the participant’s regularly scheduled class time. DKI reserves the right to photograph and videotape programs and participants for training, advertising, promotional activities, and any other lawful purposes.

Completion and submission of this form shall serve as your agreement to the above terms and conditions and your permission for your child to participate.

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