COVID-19 Updates

FL Drama Kids of Hillsborough County strives to keep a safe environment for all of our Drama Kids students, teachers, and families. As we solidify plans for the fall, we are also making sure to put new safety policies in place:

  • Teachers will monitor their own body temperature and any possible symptoms well before class time. If there are any signs of possible illness, the teacher will not be attending class and a possible substitute will be assigned to teach.
  • The temperature of students will be taken as they enter class. Anyone with a temperature over 100 degrees will be distanced and the parent will be called.
  • Masks or face shields will be worn by teachers and any other Drama Kids representative attending schools or classes. Students should wear masks if required by state or local authorities.
  • Social Distancing is required with students placed at least 6 feet apart from each other whenever possible. This will be done in attendance, intro activities, speech, and movement activities at a minimum. In order to ensure social distancing, teachers will tape out a small “X” for each spot in the first few weeks of lessons.
  • No touching of students will be permitted. Students will be reminded of the no-touching rule and social distance rule at the beginning of each class and as necessary throughout the class. Teachers will also keep a 6-foot distance
    from students whenever possible.
  • Teachers will have available hand sanitizers in the classroom and students should use some at the beginning and end of each class.
  • Props will not be used if shared among students.
  • Anyone sneezing or coughing will be excused from class to wash their hands. If sneezing or coughing persists, the child will be told to wear a mask and sit away from the group and the parent will be called.
  • When classes are held back-to-back, such as a lower primary class followed by an upper primary class, extra time will be permitted to allow the lower primary students to depart prior to allowing upper primary students into the classroom. We understand that the term “social bubbles” is being used to describe the prevention of groups of people from intermingling. So consider this as a “class bubble”.
  • Parents will not be allowed to wait in small lobbies but should wait in their cars.
    Any and all other procedures as required by school, local, or state rules that are not mentioned above will also be followed.
    Thank you so much for all of your patience and understanding during this ever-changing time. We will always do our best to communicate any changes as they come.

Florida Drama Kids of Hillsborough County Team