“From start to finish I have been nothing but impressed with Drama Kids and your staff. The communication is good. Pickup at school is organized and easy. Taylor has fun EVERY week and looked forward to it all week. Memorizing things has always come easy to her – but the way that you all teach them to understand the lines – not just speak them is awesome. We saw that carry over into everything that she was reading. She reads with inflection and purpose now, rather than just getting through the words.

Then there was the show. It was amazing. From the whole “preshow” experience with seating, intro videos, to the show itself, to the video pickup at the end. It was well thought out and seamlessly run. I KNOW that does not come without a great deal of effort. I know what it looks like when there is no planning – and what you guys did does not happen without a lot of work.”

Last year, we had a blast with Drama Kids of the Triad Summer Camp, and all three girls are giving it a go again. The change in their confidence level, social skills and willingness to speak in front of others was dramatic over just one five-day session that culminated in a week-end performance. I’m looking forward to seeing them progress even further this summer. AE

During my daughter’s gymnastics class, there was a child being made fun of. She stood up and let the kids know that her brother was like that too, and we don’t make fun of other people. If it weren’t for Drama Kids, she would have never had the confidence to do this. M.

We signed our daughter up for Drama Kids because we noticed her saying “uh” a lot and she didn’t even realize she was doing it! We’re very happy to say that we haven’t noticed her doing that in quite a while. Thank you! S.!

His grades in English and communication have gone from F’s and D’s to A’s and B’s! B. My daughter’s confidence has really gotten stronger since she has been part of Drama Kids. We are very thankful for this program. She is blossoming right before our eyes! Thank you! T.

Thanks so much for all that you did for Morgan this year.  This honestly was such an amazing experience for her and we are thrilled (and I have to say, she practiced the entire play with dolls on many occasions which speaks volumes to how much you all inspired her!).

Tina and I can see the change and confidence in Nolan from last year to this. We are very proud of him and thank you for making a positive impact on his life and future. We are looking for great things for him!

I signed up Olivia for Drama Kids next year!  I’ve seen the skills that she has been taught by being a part of Drama Kids and I think your program is wonderful!

Thanks for all of you do!

Just wanted to thank you and the rest of the Drama Kids family for all the work that you have done with Imani and Caleb. They have really come out of their shells. We placed them in your program to build their confidence to help them successfully progress in life as well as school. We are more than pleased with the results. Imani recently auditioned for and got a part in the musical “Children of Eden”.

Since joining Drama Kids, I have noticed that my daughter is more willing to participate in group activities and more confident to assert herself into leadership roles. She is not only confident to speak in front of a small crowd but is quickly becoming an articulate and entertaining speaker as well; she is really engaging with her audience. I have also found that Madison is giving more attention to details when writing school assignments and her retention for materials studied is growing steadily. Drama Kids has been a fun and positive experience in so many ways and we are looking forward to seeing what the future brings!