We moved to Nocatee in July and my children started the school year in new schools, not knowing anyone.  It has been especially difficult for my 6th grader to make friends and adjust to school…I had asked the school about after school activities and clubs and there has not been much to choose from, nor an activity that was of interest to her.  Until Drama Kids!  She really enjoys it and comes out of each class with a huge smile on her face.  The class is giving her a chance to be creative and have fun without fear of criticism or embarrassment.  She recently had to give oral presentations in her history and language arts classes and she said being involved with Drama Kids helped her not feel as nervous as she might have.  And she made A+ grades on both! Also, my younger daughter now says that Monday is her favorite day because of Drama Kids! Our children have so much to gain from this very special program. Thank You!

Robin Benoit-Parent


For the past three years, I have offered Drama Kids in my program at Timberlin Creek Elementary. The students are truly excited about being a part of such a unique approach to acting. Drama Kids truly builds the confidence while exploring the creativity that each child has inside of them. My hat goes off to Shirin Mitsis the director.

 Heather O-Mara-Extended Day Coordinator


Jadyn has definitely come out of her shell…She is articulate and definitely has more confidence in social situations. She enjoys the fun exercises in class and loves coming home and demonstrating what she has learned…My husband and I highly recommend this program to all children. It is such a wonderful outlet for children to explore who they are and become more comfortable around others.

Jami Jozwiak-Parent


I have had the pleasure of using Drama Kids International as a vendor for the St. Johns County School System. The program is wonderful, well structured and a great ego booster for the children.

I have watched the children blossom who have been in it for the past few years. Their confidence and self-esteem has also grown. I look forward to working again with Shirin Mitsis and The Drama Kids International program.

Maria Colangelo-Extended Day Coordinator