By Parents

“Drama Kids has given my children a safe place to use their imagination in a creative way. It also promotes public speaking skills, which will help build self-confidence.”

– Maria, parent

“I was thrilled that my daughter, Gabi, wanted to participate in the drama class for both sessions. I truly feel it has helped her to emote in ways she wouldn’t have without this creative outlet. Thanks for providing such a wonderful experience for our kids!”

–  Andra, parent

“Drama kids has been a blessing to our boys. Our son Milo has really taken an interest in acting & this has given him the confidence he needed. Talan, our oldest has gained so much from the program such as an outlet for creativity & has also helped him overcome some of his anxiety. We will continue to stay involved in this program & would eagerly recommend it to friends & family!”

– Calvin & Carly, parents

“My kids look forward to Drama Kids each week. I actually don’t have to make them get ready for yet another activity. My 5 year old has really improved on her speaking skills in public; she is not as shy as she used to be. My 8 year old loves being able to attend a class with her sister at the same time and loves re-enacting what they do in class at home. I appreciate that Drama Kids isn’t primarily production based and gives each of the kids chances to participate. Moreover, the life skills such as public speaking and improvisation are wonderful for their confidence. My kids are all smiles coming out of class each week!”

-Phoebe and Maizie’s mom

“My daughter has been enrolled in Drama Kids for four months now and I’ve seen a positive improvement in her self-esteem since the first month of participation to this program. “She’s more confident when talking in front of an audience and her ability to memorize has also greatly improved. Taking her to drama class every week gets the same level of excitement as going on a field trip. “Thank you Steve and Sue!”

-Emilia, parent

“Drama Kids has allowed my daughter to do what she loves best. She is allowed to expand her imagination and not be afraid to be herself. Without Sue and Steve she wouldn’t have that smile on her face! Thank you for all that you do!”

-Amanda, Drama Kids mom

“Drama Kids Helped my child learn to listen and follow directions.”

-Drama Kid Dad

“Drama Kids has been a blast for my girls! They come home eager to show off new acting skills and games they’ve played. We look forward to the end of the semester play they’ll be acting in and they are super stoked for the show as well.”

-Taylor, parent of 2 Drama Kids

By Students

“It is so so so so so much fun! It is the best class I’ve ever taken! We get to play so many games and we get to work on a play and then our parents get to come watch the play. Most classes don’t have that.”

– Zora, age 8

“I enjoy doing Oscar Moment (drama game) because it’s a fun game that makes me act like a different character and it’s also fun to watch other people do it.”

– Elijah, 6

“I love interacting with other kids and I’m always learning something new.”

– Alyssa, 10

“I like it because it’s fun; you get to do fast walking and exercises. I like talking fast too!”

-Maizie, student

“I like using big words. It’s fun because I get to act out new things each time.”

-Phoebe, student