That’s a Wrap. See you ‘Back in the ACT’ for the 2023-2024 school year!

Early Enrollment will begin in mid-July! Check out our Dramatically Exciting Summer Camps.

Drama Kids is a skill-based program focusing on building our students’ confidence, not focused on building SHOWS. We do not require nerve-wracking auditions because we assess our students in our weekly skill classes. Just as in sports, we require skill-building before the season of games. Athletes are not given uniforms, put into positions, and thrown into games.   Coaches require time to assess each player’s skill level and ability to determine which position they might play. Furthermore, they need to get to know & mesh with their new teammates each season. Same with the DK program.   We are unable to cast students without building the necessary skills, establishing a solid cohesiveness with the cast, and properly assessing each student’s ability. Therefore, participation in spring performances requires students to participate in the developmental & progressing skill classes leading up to the performance.