By Parents

“Our children have been in Drama Kids every semester since starting elementary school (4th grader and 1st grader). I can absolutely say that Drama Kids has been as impactful as the best aspects of our kids’ formal education. It is also the only after school program that both of our kids have consistently asked for. It has developed our kids’ self-confidence and their public presence. It has provided them with wonderful opportunities to explore and develop their creativity. Ms. Ying and her team have created a nurturing, challenging environment with the perfect balance of structure and autonomy. On the one hand, they run a tight ship – I’ve never seen the kids get out of line.

Performances run like clockwork. On the other hand, the atmosphere is light and joyous; the kids are clearly having a tremendous amount of fun. Our kids rave about their Drama Kids teachers. They make an exceptional effort to get to know each individual child. Without fail, they have thoughtful things to say about each of our kids – insights that not only show how much they care, but actually help us as parents. We feel extraordinarily fortunate that our children have been able to participate in the Drama Kids program and have recommended it to all of our friends with kids.”

– Adam N. – parent


I enrolled my son in Drama Kids in kindergarten through fifth grade, in the hopes that he would have the speaking skills that I lacked! Drama Kids exceeded my expectations. Not only can my son speak and present comfortably in front of large groups of unknown people, but he is also equipped with the ability to think on his feet creatively and ad lib. He excelled at, and truly enjoyed, the improv portions of Drama Kids. My son took up debate this year, and performed amazingly well — he is the City Champion, the Borough Champion (won at Citibank headquarters, with judges from Citibank) and he came in fourth in the State Championships. As I delighted in his results, in the back of my head, I knew that Miss Ying had a part in his success, and I was delighted to tell her of her role. My son, with his “small” ego agrees, and approved this testimonial!

-Elizabeth U. – parent


My husband and I are so happy your program is here at the school. We want to thank you for helping my daughter come out of her shyness. Not that there is anything wrong with being shy, but her confidence level is so much higher. For instance, she cried right before her performance because she was nervous, but we were so proud of her when she pulled together for the performance and did a great job. Thank you for your attention and work with her. She loves the class and looks forward to it each week!

– Shannon B. – parent


My son really enjoys your class. I’m so glad you see the creative side of him that some of his teachers do not.

– Patrick N., parent

By Students

“I couldn’t have done it without Drama Kids!”

– Ellana B., student for 6 years talking about performing in front of her whole school

“I’m coming back every year. Drama Kids is the best after school class ever!”

– Jessica L., student for every semester of her elementary school years