I cannot say enough great things about Miss Emily and her programs! My kids have taken her Drama Kids International class the past 5 years (excluding COVID) and absolutely love it. The skills learned in this program will extend far beyond the stage. Miss Emily is able to demand the attention of the kids with a very calm and kind demeanor, which makes the kids adore and respect her.


Drama Kids and Writers & Book lit the fire in my child for historical fiction & mythology.

Meeka, Parent

My daughter’s confidence has grown thru drama kids. We are pleased with how much she enjoys going.

Donna, Parent – Pittsford Community Class

Drama Kids was the perfect outlet for my daughter. This was a club that gave her a chance to truly be herself and meet other kids with the same interests, exuberance, and spirit. What an amazing year learning, growing, and honing these amazing skills. Yes, skills! My daughter was terrified of standing up in front of her class to give a presentation, until drama kids that is. She learned how to own the situation, make it hers, and give a performance! She aced every presentation this year in school! Drama Kids helped give her courage and confidence while having a blast doing what she loves…being dramatic.
I am grateful for this year, and the opportunity to be a part of this organization. Not to mention the plays and performances….one proud Mom!

Kerrin, Parent – Schlegel Road Elementary

My daughter has been in the program for 5 years. It has been great. When she started DramaKids, I could see the difference it was making for her confidence. As a high schooler, she can identify it herself. Debates and presentation are easy for her because she has gotten used to performing in front of her peers and for strangers in an audience.

Andrea, Parent – Webster Community Classes

My son has always expressed the want to become an actor. At a young age he would run around the house pretending to be the actors he’d seen on television. When he was about six or seven years old we discovered Drama Kids International. I was apprehensive at letting him join at first because I thought it would be somewhere he’d go and play for an hour and was I ever wrong. Now he’s 12 years old and is a part of Drama Kids DKI Academy. AJ started out with kids in his own age group but before long he was put in with the older kids because he was advancing so quickly. The plays he’s performed in through Drama Kids have given him so much more confidence when he’s on stage. He still has some nervousness before each performance but he has learned to never let it show. Being that my son wants to be an actor he expressed an interest in wanting to attend the School of the Arts a school in the City of Rochester, for which you have to audition for acceptance. Naturally we applied. Then when it was time he auditioned and we found out on May 2nd that AJ has been accepted. We were so excited and I truly believe that if AJ had never taken classes through Drama Kids we might not have been here. I personally would like to thank all of his drama instructors and a great big THANK YOU to his Drama Kids director Mrs. Pamela Spiteri who has guided him and helped him greatly throughout these years. If your child has expressed an interest in the arts then I truly believe that Drama Kids International is a great place to start.

Truly Appreciative,

Ms. Travara Johnson A proud & satisfied parent

“I just wanted to share that Maddie came home from drama yesterday with the biggest smile on her face. As soon as I walked in, she jumped into my arms and told me how fun it was that she is going to be a hula girl in the Drama Kids play. It was very exciting for me to see her this engaged and excited. So thank you for all your efforts and can’t wait to see the kids perform!”

Pittsford, NY mom

“My 8 year old daughter has been extremely shy since birth. As an infant she would pull her hat down over her face if anyone unfamiliar tried to speak to her. As a toddler and young child she insisted on wearing hats with brims all day every day that she could “hide” under. When her very good friend, who was also shy, encouraged our daughter to join a Drama Kids class at their elementary school this Fall, we were surprised when she eventually agreed to attend. Her friend had a very positive experience during a previously held Drama Kids session, and was anxious to share the experience with my daughter, but she was still fairly reluctant. Imagine our surprise one day mid-session when our daughter asked us to guess what her favorite day of the week was…. Friday – Drama Kids day! It was not our first guess, but it should have been!! Our daughter grew to LOVE her Drama Kids class and looked forward to it each week. She was disappointed when the session ended, and made sure we registered her immediately when the next session was scheduled. She is very excited to perform on stage with the rest of the kids in her class at the conclusion of her current session. We are so impressed with this program! Drama Kids had a very big impact on our daughter and opened up a whole new side to her personality. We have really enjoyed watching this development. Thank you, Drama Kids.”

Pittsford, NY mom

“My daughter has really enjoyed her experience with Drama Kids. She is very expressive everyday and this program has given her the confidence to try new things.”

Pittsford mom.

“Drama Kids Helped my child learn to listen and follow directions.”

Churchville father

“My son’s confidence has improved greatly and he loves coming to drama. He just told me that “Drama is the best thing that ever happened to me”.

Webster mother of a child with food allergies

“I like that Drama Kids includes everyone! Even my very SHY one!”

Hilton mother