Thank you Mrs. Sandy for all your hard work, creativity, and dedication! Juliana from Salinas loves drama kids, and really has taught her to be expressive. It amazes us at home how this little shy girl has grown to articulate her thoughts and emotions very well.



What I love about Drama Kids is the unique program it uses to develop communication, character, and self esteem. The skills they learn in Drama Kids can be applied to everyday like, in school, and later in their jobs. And all the while, the kids have so much fun!



This is our second year with drama kids. Sandy and Thomas are wonderful teachers. My 5-year-old daughter has made great progress. DKI has really helped with her creativity; she makes up such fantastic stories, pretending to be different characters. She is not as shy as she used to be. This class develops her leadership skills. I do recommend this program to everyone.



My daughter, Jenna, started drama kids 4 years ago and has LOVED every bit of it! When she first started we were unsure if she was going to stick with it, or if it would just be for that 1 year (because of her personality). We were pleasantly surprised when she asked us if she could do it again the next year. Jenna is a pretty quiet, introverted person and we weren’t sure that she would thrive or even enjoy being in Drama Kids. Drama Mama, Mr. Thomas, and now Ms. Angela have really helped with bringing her out of her shell and have given her the confidence to let her personality show in front of others. In the last four years, I have seen Jenna grow in ways that I don’t believe she would have were it not for Drama Kids. We are grateful for every opportunity that has been provided over the years for her to grow, socially and personally. The life lessons she has been learning are invaluable, and we intend to stay with Drama Kids as long as we are able! We wholeheartedly recommend Drama Kids to anyone; whether your child is extroverted or introverted, there is a place for them!



Virtual Musical Online Testimony: “Our daughter had such a wonderful experience during the Summer Musical program. It was so exciting to watch her learn the music and choreography and we had a great time recording her scenes. I was amazed at how everything came together. We were skeptical because it was all virtual but we wanted her to do something from home. She was excited every day when she had to log in and received quality instruction from her teachers. In the end, we were completely blown away by the final show. The musical was entertaining and you could tell how much passion there was from the other students and teachers. The songs will forever be stuck in our heads! Great music and script!”

Ms. Stanley


Thank you so much for continuing Drama even though the schools are closed. I think it’s especially important to bring some kind of normalcy to the kids during this time of social distancing. With schools closed and with social distancing the kids miss seeing and being with their friends. My kids are getting bored with staying home and doing school work. Tuesday both of my kids had their drama classes. I just had to email you to tell you just how happy they were to see their drama teacher and friends. It made my heart so happy to hear them laughing so loudly. I think I needed it as much as they did. After their classes drama was all they could talk about. They talked about how much fun they had acting out different scripts and seeing their friends act as well. Thank you so much for taking advantage of technology and bringing drama class into our home. When talking to their drama teacher the love he has for his students is undeniable! I just had to send an email to say thank you! With everything that’s changing in our routines in this difficult time thank you for keeping drama going!



This was the first year my 10 yr old daughter has taken any drama class, and been with Drama Kids. Mr. Thomas and the amazing Drama Mama team deserve more that five stars! Not only did they bring out things in our children, thru drama, they could have never experienced w/o them, but they recognize each individual child, their talent, and verbalize this to them after their performance. How much this does for a child’s development and self-esteem!

More than anything, these two angels on earth care so deeply for these kids, LOVE what they do and boy does it show! 5 Star Google review



Sandy, just wanted to share with you how much my daughter, Emma, enjoys this class! She never wants to miss school on Friday because it would mean missing her drama class. This program gives her a fun peer group, promotes her self- confidence, and improves her clearness of speech, and she speaks at a nice volume level. We never have to ask her to speak up. Emma practices her lines without being asked. In fact, she frequently requests that we go over them with her. She really enjoys being around you and the other teachers. Regards,



Both of my kids loved being in Drama Kids in the Spring. They loved learning and acting out their play with Mrs. Kat. It gave them a chance to be creative and have fun while boosting their confidence and learning team-building skills. I know this will benefit them in the future when having to give presentations in front of their class (we still say “project” around our house when someone is talking too softly to be heard):). I also think it is giving them a valuable lesson in teamwork and what it takes to achieve goals as a group.

Thanks for a great experience and we’ll see you again in the fall!




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