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Drama Kids Inspires



Creative Thinking

Public Speaking Skills


Acting Abilities

Leadership & Teamwork


Creative Thinking

Public Speaking Skills



Leadership & Teamwork

Our Programs

Kinder Kids

Drama and acting classes
4-5 years of age

Lower Primary

Drama and acting classes
Grades K-2

Upper Primary

Drama and acting classes
Grades 3-5


Drama and acting classes
Grades K-5

Acting Academy

Drama and acting classes
Grades 6-12

Take 2

Add-on drama classes focused on stage productions

Camps & Events

Summer & holiday camps available seasonally

Choose the Perfect Class


Our in-school drama and acting classes are conveniently held at your child’s school.


Community acting & drama classes are held at locations where anyone can attend.

Take 2

Take 2 classes are for children that want additional opportunities to perform on-stage


Make summer and holidays more exciting with Drama Kids camps and events

Something for Everyone


Years Old


Years Old


Years Old


Years Old

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Own a Franchise

Be your own boss while making a dramatic difference in a life

Own a Franchise

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Become a Teacher

You can have the best part-time ever as a drama kids teacher

Become a Teacher

Visit any our local Drama Kids to apply for a teaching position.

Bring us to Your School

If you don’t see a class at your school, request one now

Bring Us to Your School

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Everyone Loves Drama Kids

Derrick, Principal

I have worked closely with Drama Kids over the past school year. During that time, I have experienced extremely professional employees, open and consistent communication, and dedication on the part of the staff...

Mandy, Parent

Drama Kids has been the best after-school program we have experienced. The quality of the instructors and communication received weekly is top-notch...

Mirella, Student

I must say that my years in the program have been sensational and have unleashed many hidden talents. I wish to say that your classes have helped me to grow into the person that I am today and I thank you.

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🎭 Drama kids are the real MVPs of positivity! Whether they're sharing contagious laughter, spinning tales of adventure, or simply spreading joy through their creative energy, they have the power to turn any frown upside down. Let's give a round of applause to all the drama kids out there for brightening our days and making the world a happier place, one scene at a time! 🌟 #DramaKids #SpreadJoy #Positivity
The difference is dramatic at Drama Kids! We provide a program for children of all ages where they can explore, create, and be themselves. Check out more about us at https://dramakids.com/
Summer is just a few months away and we are so excited! Drama Kids summer camps are the perfect way for your child to spend a summer day: off their devices, using their imagination, making new friends, and building their confidence.
We love helping our students succeed at all their dreams. Thanks for sharing how Drama Kids has made an impact in your life! 💗

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Being yourself is the most important thing! We are so glad that Drama Kids has helped her feel more comfortable in who she is. 💖

#Drama #theaterkids #actingclass
Drama Kids is more than drama class it's a community! We are so glad to be a space to build confidence and make friends! 🌟

#dramakids #theaterkids #actingclasses
We love our Drama Kids! It is so exciting to sees our students continue to grow. ✨

#dramakids #theaterkids #actingclasses
Whether your long term goals include acting or not the core values taught in Drama Kids classes will help you achieve your dreams! <3

#Drama #theaterkids #actingclass
Drama Kids is designed to meet every child where they are and help them shine! Comment below to learn more. ✨

#dramakids #theater #theaterkids
We definitely agree! Comment to learn more about our classes here at .

#dramakids #theaterkids #actingclass

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