Thank you for visiting our webpage! I am Brenda Alexander, the director of Drama Kids of Cabarrus County and North Mecklenburg County. If you are looking for an incredible opportunity for your child, then you have come to the right place! The 2017-2018 school year will be our 6th year offering Drama Kids to children in our area.

I became involved with Drama Kids when I retired from teaching at Odell Elementary School in Concord. I was looking for a way to continue interacting with children and families, as well as a new and exciting creative challenge. Drama Kids has certainly provided all of this and so much more!

Drama Kids is not designed to create Broadway stars. While your child will gain acting and performance skills, this is not our primary focus. Drama Kids provides children with life skills which will make their journey through life much easier… and more successful! Students will develop communication skills which are necessary when giving reports and meeting new people. This will follow them as they get older and face job interviews and negotiations. It will give them self-confidence and provide opportunities for creativity and problem-solving. Students develop leadership skills, as well as the importance of teamwork. These life skills are developed through exciting, age-appropriate drama classes.

Your child will have a BLAST! Our classes are fun and fast-paced! Students are encouraged to take creative risks and step out of their comfort zone within our safe and positive learning environment. I am so passionate about this wonderful program!

I want to invite your child to become a DRAMA KID! It will be our pleasure to welcome your child into this new experience! As a parent, you are giving your child the greatest gift possible. You are providing a way to help them believe in themselves so they can be successful in achieving their dreams and full potential! Welcome to the DRAMA KIDS FAMILY!

Dramatically yours,