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Apollo Beach


Over the Moon

I signed my 3rd grader up for drama kids to help him increase his confidence and I am so glad that I did. I was over the moon and in tears seeing him confidently introduce the play to the audience as well as deliver his lines. He went from not wanting to attend to begging me to sign him up for next year. Thank you for all that you do for our kids.


RMH mom

Absolutely wonderful

Hello! My daughter Isabelle did the trial class today, and it was absolutely wonderful! She was so happy and had the biggest smile on her face when it was over. This was a great experience for our entire family. Thank you so much for putting this together. We definitely want to continue!



School Accolades

My son’s teacher messaged to let me know he’d done a great job on a science presentation recently. I congratulated Evan, and he said it’s all due to Drama Kids. He said the other students were monotone and disengaged, but he drew on the work he’s done with the Drama Kids class Add testimonial one here and make his presentation fun!

Thank you so much, and I can’t wait to hear what Evan learns next!




Everyone worked with us, and we are grateful our son got to participate in this great program it helped him open up and saw how great he can be on stage. Thank you so much Drama Kids!




You’re in an amazing situation to transform their lives. I send you encouragement, knowing that every bit of your patient teaching and kind words are making an impact.



Influence for Good

As I “play” with my drama kids for the last time today, I want them to know the power they have to influence their world for good. I want to build that into them so that they never forget the power of ONE — to change someone’s story, including their own, no matter where they have come from.

DK Teacher


Confidence & Determination

Thank you Drama Kids Team for giving Kate confidence and determination! She just shines when she is on stage! These skills will serve her well now and in the future! Thanks again for being encouraging and giving these children life-long gifts!

Bill and Robyn


Pursuing Dreams

Makenzie has participated in Drama Kids for the past 2 1/2 years. She has really enjoyed the teachers and the program. Drama Kids has helped her develop speaking and social skills, increased her confidence and helped her to be more comfortable in front of people. She has worked all these skills while having fun. She was able to participate in the Christmas parade with Drama Kids. The spring performance and awards program has kept her motivated to continue and pursue bigger dreams. These are things that without Drama Kids she would not have experienced.



Speaking Out

We couldn’t believe our eyes at the Parent Presentation! Lainey was standing up tall and proud, and actually speaking out! This did not seem like the same child that was constantly hiding behind my skirt. Thank you, Ms. Tricia, for building Lainey’s confidence and helping her to “break out”. We see the benefits in so many ways! We appreciate you!



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