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Creative Thinking

Public Speaking Skills



Leadership & Teamwork

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Our in-school drama and acting classes are conveniently held at your child’s school.


Community acting and drama classes are held at various locations where anyone can attend.

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Take 2 classes are for children that want additional opportunities to perform on-stage


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Drama and acting classes
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Drama and acting classes
Grades K-5

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Drama and acting classes
Grades 6-12


Add-on drama classes focused on stage productions

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Years Old


Years Old


Years Old

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Heather, I just want to say thank you to you and Colby. I know my daughter is so shy but she came home so excited the last few times that she finally had the confidence to say a line on her own… Thank you for your patience and this wonderful program.

Nick, Student

I have been in this program for 7 years, and have loved every second of it! It is not just a box to check off once a week, it’s something fun that I GET to do once a week. This program has helped me get more confidence in front of crowds, and Mrs. Heather takes the time to get to know each of us and push us out of our comfort zone a bit.


My family was introduced to DramaKids from my daughter’s elementary school. Heather and her crew are amazing at bringing out the best in kids. Every day at dismissal, the instructors stop each kid and compliment them before releasing them to their parents. It adds such a personal touch to every practice/rehearsal…

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Acting skills aren't just for the stage, they're for life's grand performance! 💼 From job interviews to everyday interactions, the ability to embody confidence, express emotions, and think on our feet becomes our greatest asset. So here's to the Drama Kids, honing not just their acting chops, but also their skills for success in the real world. Let's embrace every role life throws our way! 💪 #ActingSkills #LifeSkills #EmbraceTheStageOfLife
Drama kids, where creativity takes center stage and every moment is a whirlwind of fun! 🌟 Whether we're rehearsing scenes, perfecting our lines, or bursting into spontaneous improv, there's never a dull moment in our world of theater magic. So grateful for the laughter, the camaraderie, and the unforgettable memories we make together. 💫 #DramaKids #TheaterMagic #UnleashYourCreativity
📚 Did you know? Drama kids aren't just shining stars on the stage - they're also reading champions! Through scripts, character exploration, and storytelling exercises, these young performers embark on exciting literary journeys, improving their reading comprehension along the way. From unraveling intricate plots to discovering the depths of character emotions, drama ignites a passion for reading like no other. Here's to the power of drama in nurturing young minds and fostering a lifelong love for literature! 🌟 #DramaReaders #LiteratureLovers #ReadingChampions"
Drama kids are masters of connection! Beyond the stage, they weave tight-knit communities filled with support and understanding. Whether it's lending a listening ear during tough times, offering words of encouragement, or simply being there to share a laugh, these young souls know the true meaning of friendship. Here's to the incredible bonds formed in every Drama Kids class - where kindness, empathy, and acceptance reign supreme! 🌟 #DramaCommunity #SupportiveFriends #BuildingBonds
🎭 Drama kids are the real MVPs of positivity! Whether they're sharing contagious laughter, spinning tales of adventure, or simply spreading joy through their creative energy, they have the power to turn any frown upside down. Let's give a round of applause to all the drama kids out there for brightening our days and making the world a happier place, one scene at a time! 🌟 #DramaKids #SpreadJoy #Positivity
The difference is dramatic at Drama Kids! We provide a program for children of all ages where they can explore, create, and be themselves. Check out more about us at http://dramakids.com/
Summer is just a few months away and we are so excited! Drama Kids summer camps are the perfect way for your child to spend a summer day: off their devices, using their imagination, making new friends, and building their confidence.
We love helping our students succeed at all their dreams. Thanks for sharing how Drama Kids has made an impact in your life! 💗

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Being yourself is the most important thing! We are so glad that Drama Kids has helped her feel more comfortable in who she is. 💖

#Drama #theaterkids #actingclass
Drama Kids is more than drama class it's a community! We are so glad to be a space to build confidence and make friends! 🌟

#dramakids #theaterkids #actingclasses

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An Amazing Year

It was an absolutely amazing year at Drama Kids. Our students were able to end their year with on stage performances. The excitement was infectious as these children either took the stage for the first time or were able to jump back on. We are beyond proud of each...

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