Drama & Acting Classes

KinderKids Drama & Acting Classes in the Greenville, Greer & Simpsonville, SC area

Grades Pre-K – Kindergarten

Tailored for children in Pre-K or Kindergarten, this program assists in developing your child’s communication skills and boosting their confidence from the start. In our KinderKids program, every student will actively participate in creative drama activities aimed at improving speaking skills, boosting confidence, and fostering creative learning and early social skills.

Drama & Acting classes for K-2

Pre-K – K Creative Drama Classes in Greenville, Greer and Simpsonville, SC and surrounding areas

When your child gets involved in acting and drama classes at a young age, they will gain numerous advantages that will help them later in life, including growing confidence, building self-esteem, and developing leadership and teamwork skills. In addition to acquiring these skills, your child also engages in a fun and exciting activity, where they can meet new friends. Through our KinderKids Program, you have the opportunity to instill the lifelong advantages of Drama Kids from an early age.

The instructors at Drama Kids of Greenville, Greer and Simpsonville, SC take pride in making sure every student feels comfortable and recognized. This helps develop a positive environment based on trust and fosters the growth of your child’s skills. Every drama class has new, engaging, and exciting scenes and activities designed to maintain student engagement and enthusiasm for the program. Our drama and acting classes for ages 4-5 focus on personal development rather than final performances, guaranteeing every child an opportunity to learn and enjoy themselves! Don’t miss out on all the fun!

We are happy to offer classes on-site at local preschools in Greenville, Greer and Simpsonville, SC. If we are not at your school, we encourage you to talk to the director about offering creative drama, theater, and acting classes from Drama Kids. Call us today to see how we can become a valuable part of the education program at your child’s preschool! You can also join one of our local area community programs where we offer preschool-age drama, theater, and acting classes. Imagination takes center stage in our Greenville, Greer and Simpsonville, SC KinderKids classes. This program is a great introductory creative drama experience that allows children to gain confidence and speaking skills while having loads of fun!

Note: Certain programs may not be available to all Drama Kids locations.

KinderKids Classes

There are currently no classes for this area. Check back with us as we add new classes and camps.

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