This was the first year my 10 yr old daughter has taken any drama class, and been with Drama Kids. Mr. Thomas and the amazing Drama Mama team deserve more that five stars! Not only did they bring out things in our children, thru drama, they could have never experienced w/o them, but they recognize each individual child, their talent, and verbalize this to them after their performance. How much this does for a child’s development and self-esteem!

More than anything, these two angels on earth care so deeply for these kids, LOVE what they do and boy does it show! 5 Star Google review

Parent Testimony from Kimberly Ross-Edwards

Sandy, just wanted to share with you how much my daughter, Emma, enjoys this class! She never wants to miss school on Friday because it would mean missing her drama class. This program gives her a fun peer group, promotes her self- confidence, and improves her clearness of speech, and she speaks at a nice volume level. We never have to ask her to speak up. Emma practices her lines without being asked. In fact, she frequently requests that we go over them with her. She really enjoys being around you and the other teachers. Regards,

Parent Testimony from David McAlear

My Daughter Taeja is 10 years old. She has been in the Drama kids program since she was barely 4 years old. I have 3 kids with Taeja being the youngest. My older 2 kids are somewhere shy and kept to themselves. Taeja is a very outgoing, energetic and her dream is to be an actress. I believe this is all due to her being in the Drama kids program.

Her goal this year is to be in a commercial. She always talks about how one day when she is a famous actress…. If this program were to close or not be available in her school this would devastate her. Taeja is in cheer this year and they have extra classes this week, which means that Taeja will have to miss Drama. She is extremely upset to the point she wants to quit cheer so she won’t miss Drama. This program has made Taeja not only who she is today but who she will be in the coming years. If she is to make it one day I am sure she will reflect back to the days of when she was in this program and know this is where her true start was.

Thanks to this program my daughter is only 10 but knows exactly what she wants to do with her life and I think this program will help her get there.


Parent Testimony from Kelly Cubit

This is our second year with drama kids. Sandy and Thomas are wonderful teachers. My 5-year-old daughter has made great progress. DKI has really helps with her creativity; she makes up such fantastic stories, pretending different characters. She is not as shy as she used to be. This class develops her leadership skills. I do recommend this program to everyone.

* Parent Marina Miller gives Drama Kids a 5 Stars comment on Facebook!

Emmalee has been a Drama Kids member for 3 years. Prior to joining Drama Kids, Emma was publicly shy and awkward, spoke with great hesitation, and lacked confidence when dealing with other people, regardless of age. Since joining Drama Kids she has exhibited a tremendous self-growth. During the first year alone, we saw a very positive change in Emma’s poise, posture and the manner in which she would converse with people of all ages.

In her second year is when we saw the greatest growth and a true blossoming of her potential. She began to speak with a distinct level of authority and purpose. Emma demonstrated a significant up-swing in her confidence level and her presence in a crowd. Emma’s leadership, public speaking abilities, and maturity were readily evident in her 4H participation in the District Food and Nutrition Competition. Dealing with several others older then her, Emma organized the group, assigned tasks and was near flawless in her presentation to the adult judging panel.

We attribute a great deal of this success to the lessons Sandy teaches the kids. She shows them how to become more confident and disciplined in their own abilities and achievements through simple “building-block” lessons. Sandy is a great talent, a super teacher and just an overall wonderful person.

Parent Testimony Jim and Melissa Laffey

Drama has made such an impact in our boys’ lives.  My sons are very different and drama has been so beneficial for each of them in their own way.

Alex is very responsible and accustom to leadership roles.  He has said that drama has helped prepare him to better communicate effectively with many different types of people. Alex says “drama is a fun learning environment that allows me to be me, but also role play many diverse characters.”

Casey has come out of his shyness and is more confident about himself.  He feels drama has helped him face his stage fright fears. He’s more willing to face others and accept that even if he fails he gave it a try. Casey says “you will never know what you can do or like, if you never try!”

I love that they are happy, creative, and willing to try new adventures without the fear of failure meaning defeat!

Thank you Drama Mama and DKI!

Parent Testimony from Kim Jarutowicz

What a great program! We paid much more for a “summer program” downtown, and received a lot less hands on experience! Our child came home each day excited and energized by the interactions she had at Drama Kids! Just signed her up for the Spring Semester and looking forward to seeing her performance in Big Mystery at the Big Top in April or May!!! Go Drama Kids!

FB post by Parent Dave Meier 

“I was so impressed with the performances on Sunday. Sandy Detamore is truly a class act! She has a gift for instilling confidence in children. My child was so nervous, but Sandy encouraged her to go out there and then my daughter did a brilliant job. Sandy has thought of everything down to the last detail and does it so well… from the amazing Christmas party at her house, to the refreshments at the shows, to the beautiful costumes she supplied. I was a little late because I had almost forgotten to pick up flowers, but Sandy had some available in case parents didn’t know or had forgotten. She has thought of everything!

Drama Kids is so incredibly affordable and I have never had it made so easy on the parents… since Sandy does so much. This has been an outstanding experience for our family and we are so appreciative!!!”

Sheridan Martin, posted on Drama Kids of the Greater San Antonio Area’s timeline

“Thank you for a fun afternoon yesterday. We loved Miranda’s Queen of Hearts performance! We were so impressed with how much she improved with her confidence and speaking abilities since the start of third grade.”

*Miranda’s Dad

“These classes provide an awesome opportunity for young people to gain self-confidence and poise in public. Congratulations to Sandy for having the vision and dedication to bring something new like this to our area. It’s really fun and helps young people to develop their public speaking abilities and improves their self- esteem. My granddaughter loves it!”

  *Elaine Kolodziej, Editor of The Wilson County News & La Vernia Newspaper

“Mrs. Detamore and her staff provide high quality programming that is being recognized by parents, students, and administrators.  The program strengthens students’ abilities and skills and enhances their academic propensity.”

* Diana L. Hanz, Coordinator – JISD Adult & Community Education

“What I love about Drama Kids is the unique program it uses to develop communication, character, and self esteem.  The skills they learn in Drama Kids can be applied to everyday like, in school, and later in their jobs.  And all the while, the kids have so much fun!”

 *Kristen Weaver – Parent

Both of my kids loved being in Drama Kids in the Spring.  They loved learning and acting out their play with Mrs. Kat.  It gave them a chance to be creative and have fun while boosting their confidence and learning team-building skills.  I know this will benefit them in the future when having to give presentations in front of their class (we still say “project” around our house when someone is talking too softly to be heard):).  I also think it is giving them a valuable lesson in teamwork and what it takes to achieve goals as a group.

Thanks for a great experience and we’ll see you again in the fall!

*Kat Hensley – Parent

“Thank you Mrs. Sandy for all your hard work, creativity, and dedication!  Juliana from Salinas loves drama kids, and really has taught her to be expressive.  It amazes us at home how this little shy girl has grown to articulate her thoughts and emotions very well.”

* Laura Sanchez – Parent