Thank you, Drama Kids, for all you’ve done to help our daughters be confident with their inner and outer beauty through the teaching of your awesome program! I truly believe this program instills an amazing instinct to be comfortable in your own skin, to not take yourself so seriously, and freely display your strengths to reach your full potential with confidence!



As a former student of Drama Kids for 13 years, and now a teacher for 6 years, I have experienced first-hand the benefits of this program, and witnessed how it impacts the lives of its students. The skills taught to you in Drama Kids will follow you throughout your life, and allow you to stand out above your peers. The difference truly is dramatic!



My daughter’s time in Drama Kids has taught her so much about teamwork. Her ability and confidence improves each year with Drama Kids. I am so proud of her growth and poise on stage.



When my daughter wanted to join Drama Kids, I had mixed opinions. We tend to like athletic activities, but we supported her and said we would try it for a year. Now three years later, and we think it is one of the best programs she could have found!



Drama kids teaches and models movement, music, theatrical skills and assists in building the self-confidence of our students. They also gain valuable communication and social skills in this program. I highly recommend to the program to parents.



My grandson is a… … bundle of energy! He loves his Drama Kids class and looks forward to going every week. Thank you for all that your teachers do!



We selected Drama Kids for its unique approach – by focusing more on public speaking, improvement, and teamwork, the benefits are far superior to doing a typical “play” at other companies. The skills the kids learn at Drama Kids will last a lifetime through their years in school and in their careers.



Drama Kids Rocks! The teachers are amazing, and every class is so much fun! I’ve learned a lot about working with others, confidence, and I know the skills I ‘ve learned in class are helping me with succeed in school too!



Thank you, Drama Kids for helping students in our community become more confident, better teammates, and amazing individuals! This program is truly inspiring, and watching the change not only in my child, but their classmates as well has been an amazing experience.




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