Drama & Acting Classes

Our in-school program brings the Drama Kids award-winning curriculum right into the schools! DRAMA ISN’T JUST FOR KIDS WHO WANT TO BE ACTORS! Our classes help children and young adults develop important life skills: Public Speaking, Creative Thinking, Collaboration, Problem Solving, Leadership, and more!

Drama students sitting laughing
A Drama Kids High 5

Drama Kids offers after-school classes at several elementary schools in Columbus.

  • To enroll, simply select your school below and click on the “register” link.
  • If your school is waitlisted, be sure to enter the waitlist (you will not be charged now) and consider enrolling in one of our community classes.
  • If we are not at your school, please tell you Principal about us. In the meantime, we would love to have you in one of our community classes!
  • Click here to view our community class offerings.
  • If you have any questions, please call us at 706-320-1980.


3512 Weems Rd, Columbus, GA 31909

Britt David

5801 Armour Rd, Columbus, GA 31909


440 Bradley Park Drive, Columbus, Georgia, 31904

Our Brookstone classes are held on Thursdays. See calendar for details. You must enroll through the office of Brookstone Extended.


2836 Edgewood Rd #1225, Columbus, GA 31906

Double Churches

1213 Double Churches Rd, Columbus, GA 31904

Eagle Ridge

7601 Schomburg Rd #1807, Columbus, GA 31909


1338 Talbotton Rd, Columbus, GA 31901


7373 Psalmond Rd, Midland, GA 31820

North Columbus

2006 Old Guard Rd, Columbus, GA 31909

Reese Road

Reese Rd, Columbus, GA 31907

St. Luke

318 11th St Columbus, Georgia, GA 31901