Plano ISD

Drama & Acting Classes

Our in-school program brings the Drama Kids award-winning curriculum right into the schools! DRAMA ISN’T JUST FOR KIDS WHO WANT TO BE ACTORS! Our classes help children and young adults develop important life skills: Public Speaking, Creative Thinking, Collaboration, Problem Solving, Leadership, and more!

Drama Kids Students having fun
Drama Kids Students having fun
Younger group of Drama Kids

Tuition shown is PER MONTH (4 CLASSES). Prorates and sibling discounts are applied upon completion of registration. PERFORMANCE FEE of $30 charged in April. Contact [email protected] or call (214) 592-4066.

Andrews Elementary

Barksdale Elementary

Bethany Elementary

Centennial Elementary

Haun Elementary

Hightower Elementary

Hughston Elementary

Mathews Elementary

McCall Elementary

Skaggs Elementary

Wyatt Elementary

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