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We Deliver Dramatic Results

Drama Kids offers unique and fun-filled drama programs used across the USA and around the world to help children and young adults develop: Confidence, Creative Thinking, Public Speaking Skills, Self-Esteem, Acting Abilities, Leadership and Teamwork skills, and much more!

Two young ladies acting awe
Drama girls pointing
Young ladies enjoying their Drama Kids class

All of our Drama Kids classes and summer camps utilize a unique, fun, and imaginative, drama curriculum developed over 25 years that ensure all students will fully participate and benefit from each class. Most Drama Kids classes offer open enrollment during most of the year, and are located at convenient locations around the community. Special parent days and regular showtime opportunities are provided to gain performance experience and bask in the applause for efforts well done. All of this is provided by skillful, caring teachers who are fully trained in our program and are focused on providing individualized attention and positive reinforcement to each student.

Come join us and see why at Drama Kids, we say,

The Difference is Dramatic!

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