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Grades 6-12

Unlock the full potential of your middle and high school students with our dynamic drama and acting classes designed exclusively for grades 6-12. Our experienced teachers create a safe, collaborative environment where teens can freely express themselves and explore advanced acting techniques. Students will develop essential skills such as self-expression, communication, and creative thinking through engaging activities.

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Drama & Acting Classes for Grades 6-12

Exclusively designed for middle and high school students, this advanced drama class offers a wide range of higher-level activities for teens and tweens. Students can express themselves freely and collaborate in a safe environment facilitated by experienced teachers. The course aims to promote self-expression, communication, and creative thinking through an in-depth exploration of acting fundamentals such as vocal techniques, dramatic movements, and improvisation. Moreover, students will delve deeper into more complex acting techniques like script analysis, character development, and physicality to refine their skills. Join us and learn it all the Drama Kids way!


Every Drama Kids class provides a nurturing environment where teens can express their creativity, build confidence, and develop valuable speaking skills. Led by highly qualified and specially trained teachers, our classes offer new and exciting lessons that are both fun and highly developmental. With programs conveniently located in community centers, schools, and other nearby locations, Drama Kids in the South Orange County CA area is the perfect choice for children to embark on their dramatic journey. Join us today and witness the dramatic difference!

Talk to local school directors in the areas in South Orange County CA about Acting Academy drama, theater, and acting classes from Drama Kids, and call us today to see how we can become a valuable part of the education program. You can also join one of our local South Orange County CA area drama, theater, and acting community programs. Imagination takes center stage in our Acting Academy classes. This program is a great advanced drama experience that allows teens to grow their speaking skills and creative expression. New drama activities and scenes at each of our South Orange County CA Acting Academy drama classes allow children to gain confidence while having loads of fun.

Acting Academy classes last for the entire school year and culminate in an end-of-the-year showcase presentation.

Note: Certain programs may not be available to all Drama Kids locations.

Acting Academy Classes

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