…I wholeheartedly endorse Drama Kids as an invaluable program for building students’ self-esteem. Its reliability, combined with the transformative impact it has on our students, makes it an indispensable component of our educational arsenal. As an administrator, I am genuinely grateful for the positive influence Drama Kids has had on our students and the enduring confidence it instills in … …them, setting the stage for a future marked by self-assured success.


Exec Director Doral Acadmey

I have attended multiple performances over the span of 14 years and I could not recommend them more. I have watched them bring out the passion in the quiet kid and fine tune the technique in the most dedicated performer. They are passionate about what they do but also about making this experience the best for your kids.


Relative of Student

My son loves Drama Kids!! He has become so much more confident since joining! Drama Mama and her team are extremely good at communicating with parents and putting on great shows. I’ve also had students go through this program, and have witnessed how much they have grown as well. I highly recommend the Drama Kids program for any grade-level student!


Teacher & Parent

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you to all the teachers for all you do for the kids. This is my daughters first year in Drama kids and The Claw Musical and she is just having a blast. She always says how much fun she is having and enjoys every moment of both Drama and The Claw (Take 2 Musical Academy). Thank you all for all that to you do for all the children and helping them build their self esteem and their confidence. My daughter was shy and nervous prior to joining and was hesitant, but now she’s come out of her shell and is a different kid. You guys make every child feel welcome and special. Thank you. We will continue this journey for many more years.



Drama Kids is an amazingly supportive and encouraging environment for kids! We have the privilege of working with them each performance season and are constantly amazed how professional and kind the Drama Kids Staff is to each child. I would highly recommend this awesome program to anyone, especially if your child struggles with shyness. My daughter had a hard time speaking to or even in front of adults before her time with Drama Kids. Now, she performs on stages across the country and still loves Musical Theater. Drama Kids is definitely a loving, nurturing program that fosters a love of stage and confidence to speak out!



This program is truly amazing! I was a student years ago and still feel the impacts today! It gave me such a solid foundation in being confident and public speaking, on top of starting what is now a huge love and passion of acting. This is one of the best experiences of my entire schooling career!


Former Student

Drama Kids is AMAZING! I’ve partnered with them since 2012 and every year has been a memorable experience for our students and families. The instructors genuinely love the students. They are so patient and kind. They get to know each and every one and truly connect. The expectations are set high and the behavior management strategies are effective. Every year our students ask about Drama Kids and are excited to attend the class. Thank you, Drama Kids, for inspiring our students to be “Dramatically Fantastic!”



I love being a student at Drama Kids and I am constantly learning how to better my skills on and off of the stage. It has been such a good way to make friends, it’s given me something to look forward to every week and helped me discover something I really love doing. I’ve loved my 7 years as a student and look forward to more!



I’m a current student with Drama Kids and this will be I believe my 9th and final year with the program!! I love DKLV they are like my second family. I wouldn’t be who I am without them. All the teachers are amazing and always so nice and supportive of everything we do in DK and out of the program.



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