Our drama class teachers are the best

Our Teachers

Success for Your Child Starts With Amazing Teachers

Teachers make all the difference. That’s what a study by Teach for America confirmed from 20 plus years of data. More than any other variable in education and learning, teachers had the biggest impact on student long-term performance.

Nobody knows this better than we do. At Drama Kids, it’s our teachers who inspire and challenge our participants, and focus on helping kids develop greater confidence and self-esteem.

We carefully recruit and scrutinize the teachers we hire. We don’t just look for prior teaching and/or drama experience, but probe further to ensure anyone we hire demonstrates leadership, high energy and a background of positive teaching experiences. We look not just for tangible skills like technical expertise and knowledge, but things like passion, work ethic, resourcefulness and a great personality.

Drama Kids also takes the safety and protection of our children very seriously, and our teachers play a significant role where this is concerned.   We are dedicated to providing a safe and secure environment for all of our students and have a proven safety protocol in place.  All teachers must pass a thorough background check prior to being considered for hire.  In addition, we keep our class sizes small to ensure that each student can be effectively supervised by the teacher.

Once hired, new teachers are required to undergo extensive classroom and on-the-job training, and receive continued supervision by franchise owners. We also support teachers through ongoing training, ensuring that they can make the most of our world-renowned lesson plans emphasizing speech, movement and acting skills. We pride ourselves on having teachers that build long-term relationships with parents and students, and partner with local schools.

The intense focus we place on hiring the best teachers for our programs results in not just superior drama programs for our students, but keeps our students coming back. Many Drama Kids students have been with us for six or more years.

Hiring great teachers isn’t all of it. We offer our teachers great compensation plans and a positive and rewarding work environment, which results in long-term retention. This all translates into experienced, enthusiastic, dedicated and highly qualified teachers who know each child and their parents personally.

Our teachers love what they do and often share their joy and passion with us. Here are just a few thoughts recently shared by one of our teachers about the rewards of the job:

I keep thinking to myself over and over, “I am so blessed to have this job that I love and work with the people I do!” It suffices to say that I can really recognize when I am working for someone who cares about more than just making money. That difference means all the world to me!

 I am so grateful to work for you- really and truly. I know and can see that you invest everything you have and all that you are into your program and that motivates me to do so also. You make working a pleasant and enjoyable experience – I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed working so much!

 All in all, I just feel so incredibly blessed. Even though Drama Kids has so many benefits for the kids, I feel it has just as many benefits for us as teachers. I LOVE THIS JOB! It is so much more than a job – it is a passion!

 Together, our franchise owners and the amazing teachers they hire are inspiring students to achieve great things. Our success – and the success of your child – starts with them.