By Parents

“Your program has been phenomenal for Jackson!  He absolutely LOVES it and has been looking forward to participating again this year.  I mean…HE REALLY LOVES IT! Your program does so much for these students with regards to their self-esteem, confidence, projection, articulation, focus, I could go on and on…”
Kim D – Parent

Just a side note to you and your staff and program…..Novalie had to present a colonial trade to her class for her colonial days celebration.  Her teacher said she blew the competition out of the park!  Novalie was the only student to present without reading her essay or using note cards!  She just talked!  She used the most visual aids/props too.  These are all new skills Novalie has learned and feels comfortable with, thanks to Drama Kids!  She’s a new woman!  Thank you for all your hard work and thanks to Danielle!  You guys are great!
Kathy – Parent

Just wanted to pass along something Autumn said to me yesterday. It was her Kindergarten graduation and they did a little performance and then walked across the stage to pick up their diplomas. I videotaped Autumn as she entered the auditorium and walked up on stage. Later in the evening, I was watching the video with Autumn and she said…”I was a little nervous but then I just thought about Drama Kids, and how I had performed in front of a lot of people before, and then I wasn’t nervous anymore.” I was so proud of her, and so glad that she attended Drama Kids this year. Look forward to next year.
Brad- Parent

You are the best! In all the excitement of the great performances, I forgot to affirm your absolutely indisputable conclusion that Drama Kids shapes one’s character and forms their ability to communicate and command attention ‘while speaking! Carina just finished a big deal Law Day, and the compliments she received on her opening argument and the way she carried herself, I told EVERYONE it is because of the work she did with drama. Actually, I told Lorrie Anne just last night she can see what Drama Kids can do, and to put her little Charlie in a class – will keep working that one!! You give them your all and it shows, thank you!!!
Liz- Parent

My 10 year old son is in his second year with DramaKids. He loves the program and looks forward to going every week. The teachers seem to be uniformly patient and enthusiastic. They do a great job of cultivating a supportive atmosphere in class, so Eric feels comfortable “letting loose” and exploring his creativity. The exercises are fun and keep his attention easily. 

I am delighted because Eric had always been afraid of being the center of attention and tended not to volunteer to do anything involving presenting or standing up in front of people. During the summer, he successfully auditioned for one of the lead roles in a play at camp and was so proud of himself. That has been thrilling to watch.

In school this year, Eric seems more confident and less fearful of speaking up. I believe that Drama Kids played a key role in this positive change.
Barbara Gronsky – Parent

During the presentation to parents a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t help but notice how Craig had matured and gained in confidence and self esteem in the years he has been with you. For this I thank you enormously and hope that this will help Craig in future years in whatever he chooses to do. Once again, I would like you to know how important you have been in making Craig the confident well-spoken young boy he has become.
Dawn Walker, Parent

Thank-You so very much for the wonderful years of dedication to your students, especially Jess. We have been delighted with your drama program and recommend the classes to others. It really has been fantastic for Jess. I have always felt that her drama has contributed to her self-esteem and confidence. In every one of those seven years she hated to miss a single class!
Jane & Nick Stranger, Parents


By Educators

Drama Kids provide children with the opportunity to build confidence, enhance social interaction as well as improve processing of receptive and expressive language skills. Learning a script or improvisational techniques strengthen memory and problem solving strategies. These are valuable life long skills!
Ali Pecukonis, Teacher

I heartily recommend Drama Kids to any parents wanting to improve their children’s level of social and public confidence, and raise their level of ability in creative expression.  I am very glad that my grandson has access to such an excellent program.
Joe Reynolds. Principal, Hastings High School

It has been a pleasure having Drama Kids work with our students this year.   
Being the after school program coordinator as well as a parent of one of your students, I get a well-rounded perspective of the Drama Kids. From the after school program coordinators perspective I can tell that your program is efficient and carefully designed.

From the parents perspective I have watched my child as well as others in the class grow in self-confidence. Michelle has loved every minute of the class. She and the other children I car pool with excitedly discuss all the events of the days class.
So, as you can tell I would highly recommend Drama Kids as a parent and as after school coordinator.   I look forward to another year of Drama Kids.
Johnnie Nussbaum,   After school Program Coordinator Triadelphia Ridge Elementary School


By Students

I love your DKI Acting Academy, this is my third year. If I didn’t join drama, I would not be the same person, I am today. I can speak so easily in front of adults, large groups, friends, and new people. It’s funny when my friends tell me they can hear me from another room. I can’t help it, Drama Kids taught me to speak louder and clearer. I have also made so many friends. One of which is the instructor, Sandee. She is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She is so down to earth, supportive, and relates to everybody. She truly is a friend of mine. I love the program, if you mess up one week you don’t have to be worried you won’t get a part in the end of the year play, because that’s not what the emphasis is on. It’s about having fun, learning new things, and gaining self confidence. Drama Kids Intl. has changed my life, it has given me friends, fun, and most importantly confidence. What else could a person, especially a person like me ask for? My answer…nothing.
Caitlin G. Malverne NY

Drama Kids is awesome.  I love it.  I learned so much.  I would definitely recommend it to others who love to act or even those who don’t.
Maneet Age 14

I must say that my years in the program have been sensational and have unleashed many hidden talents. I wish to say that your classes have helped me to grow into the person that I am today and I thank you.
Mirella T. – Student, 14 years old

Drama Kids is a great organization to be a part of.  While learning new complex techniques involving drama, we enjoy ourselves and make many friends.
Jasmine Age 15

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me as I build my career in acting. Every time I go on set or on an audition I always remember what you teach me and that gives me confidence to know that I can do my best. I love your classes and am glad that I am taking them because we learn so many useful  things. Thanks again. See ya in class!!
Giulia G Age 13