As Albert Einstein said, “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” Arts education helps expand children’s imagination, and dramatic arts, in particular, help build important life skills, such as confidence, creative thinking, and public speaking abilities.

The Drama Kids program provides a rich, high-quality dramatic arts curriculum for children. We offer programs for children of all ages and experience levels. Unlike most other drama programs where children simply memorize and recite lines for a performance, the Drama Kids program utilizes fun, creative, and interactive activities that focus on the child rather than a character, to improve communication skills and build confidence and self-esteem.

At Drama Kids, students will get the chance to learn and hone skills as well as perform in an end-of-year play complete with scripts, sets, and costumes! Drama Kids came to Loudoun County in 2011 and continues to grow every year.

Jen Drake, a longtime teacher for Drama Kids of Loudoun, took over as the Director in 2015. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Penn State University and a master’s degree from Georgetown University. She worked for the federal government for several years before taking time away from work to raise a family. Jen is now a professional actress/singer. She has performed in over 25 stage productions and has been many national TV commercials and TV shows. She has sung at the Kennedy Center and, together with her collegiate a cappella group, she even got to sing on Broadway. Of course, her most important role is as mom to her two young sons. She lives with her husband and two boys in Ashburn, VA.


Drama Kids Provides

  • Imaginative learning experiences that also include occasional fun class performances to enhance the experience.
  • Highly qualified and specially trained teachers.
  • New creative lessons in each class, proven to be both fun and highly developmental.
  • Programs in community centers, schools and other convenient locations.