Drama classes help dispel stereotypes

Drama Kids Removes Common Negative Stereotypes about Children’s Drama Programs

Myth: The purpose of children’s drama is to entertain an audience.

Fact: The purpose of children’s drama is for participants to develop speaking skills, acting skills, creative thinking, confidence and self esteem.


Myth: Drama requires repetitive memorization of lines.

Fact: Creative, developmental drama uses new short plays and other drama activities each class.  The focus is on skill development – not line memorization.


Myth: Drama classes are only for children who are not interested in participating in extracurricular athletic programs.

Fact: Drama programs are for all children, regardless of physical abilities or sports aptitude. All children stand to gain significant advantages in confidence and in their speaking and presentation skills that a creative drama program provides. In addition, team building skills taught at drama classes help children learn how to work together in a group, which is critical for group projects at school.  In addition, most athletically involved children enjoy the variety that drama provides in their lives.


Myth:  Drama is only for extroverted children.

Fact: Drama is great for both “shy” and “outgoing” children. Drama can help introverted children develop their speaking skills and public confidence, provided that they are challenged at a pace that is comfortable and enjoyable for them. Often, parents find that, after participation in drama classes, their so-called “shy” child wasn’t introverted after all – they just needed the proper guidance from trained professionals to help “draw” them out. Drama can also create a positive focus and outlet for extroverted children as well as build their diction, projection and articulation skills.


Myth: Drama takes a significant time commitment in order for a child to excel.

Fact: Just one hour of drama class per week throughout the school year, using the right drama program will create significant noticeable differences in speech, creative thinking and confidence in public speaking.

Drama Kids protege Caden

Drama Kids protege Caden is on the road to stardom

Like a lot of children his age, 11-year-old Caden Denslow has big dreams of becoming a famous actor. But unlike those other kids, his aspirations of appearing on the big screen are already
taking shape thanks in part to his experience as a Drama Kids student. [Read the rest of the article in PDF format by clicking here]

Low Supply and HIGH DEMAND For Drama Related Activities in Schools = A Great Opportunity!

According to the US Department of Education’s 2012 study on the status of arts education, only 4% of elementary schools offer drama/theater programs. This is in sharp contrast to 83% of schools offering visual arts programs and 94% of schools offering music programs. Couple this with the fact that, according to The After School Alliance, the number of children participating in afterschool programs has increased 57% in the last 10 years, and there are currently 20 million students in the U.S. whose parents would enroll them in in an afterschool program if a suitable one were available, and you can clearly see the incredible demand for, and low supply of drama curriculum in the schools. Great demand translates to a terrific business opportunity!

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Drama Kids International Announces Recognition As Top Franchise Opportunity

Drama Kids International Announces Recognition As Top Franchise Opportunity

Drama provider ranks among the best with Entrepreneur Magazine, America’s Best Franchises and Franchise Gator

 Leesburg, VA , February 5, 2015  — Drama Kids International, the nation’s largest afterschool drama company announced today that, in addition to numerous other recent honors, it has just been named as the 36th best franchise opportunity in the 2015 Franchise Gator Top 100 rankings.

“We studied hundreds of FDD’s in an effort to put this list together, focusing on such aspects as financial stability and franchisee retention. Additional information outside the franchise disclosure document was also gathered, and we spoke with several industry professionals in the process,” said Eric Bell, Franchise Gator General Manager.

This ranking is the latest in a number of top honors that the Drama Kids organization has received recently. Others include:

  • Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 50 Low Investment Franchise Concepts
  • Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500
  • America’s Best Franchises Top 50 Best Franchises

“We are excited that these highly respected organizations have recognized and appreciate the significant opportunities that Drama Kids offers to our franchise owners” said Drama Kids President, Charlie Kerr.  “We take great pride in the fact that we provide franchise owners with the opportunity to love what they do, enjoy a flexible lifestyle, make a powerful and significant  impact on  the lives of children, and build a successful business for themselves that they can take pride in.”

In addition to the fun, fast paced, and developmental curriculum consisting of over 450 unique and detailed lessons, and the low overhead and high revenue business model that the Drama Kids franchise opportunity provides its owners, Drama Kids International is noted for the superior training and support that it provides to all franchise owners.  These were major considerations that allowed the company to receive these honors.

Drama Kids is recognized as a leader in the children’s educational and enrichment arena with a proven business model and over 35 years of success.  The company uses a very different, developmental curriculum in its program that enables children to learn how to think creatively and confidently express themselves.  These same skills can be the building blocks that help children achieve personally, academically and professionally.

“We continue to aggressively seek qualified new franchise owners in markets throughout the U.S. and plan on adding many more qualified individuals to the Drama Kids network of franchise owners in the months and years to come,” said Kerr.