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It’s August, which means summer is almost over, and it’s time to get ready to go back to school! Before your family starts back to school shopping, spend one last hurrah by celebrating American Family Day. Usually held on the first Sunday of August, you can, of course, celebrate this wonderful holiday any day of the year with a few tips and activities from Drama Kids!

Enjoy Some Outdoor Time

Play Outdoor Games:

Capture the flag, tag, cornhole, hide and seek, disc golf, four Square, and tons more! There are so many games to play that will get your children up and moving while also stimulate their imagination. Parents.com has a wonderful list of games to play for children of all ages.

Go for a Walk or Explore a Nearby Park:

Something as simple as a walk around your neighborhood can offer some much-needed family time. Spend this time away from electronic devices and talking about your interests or the things you see around you. This not only promotes family communication but can aid in situational and spatial awareness.

Try Something New

Take a Class Together:

A cooking class, acting class, art class, etc.! The possibilities are endless. Ask your children what new activity they would like to try and find a class in your area you can take together. Spend some quality time as a family while learning a new skill!

Fruit/Veggie Picking:

If there is an orchard or farm in your area, find out if they offer fruit or veggie picking. While enjoying some outdoor time, children will learn where their food comes from and what it takes to harvest it. Plus, you will get a treat to take home with you!

Arts & Crafts:

You do not need to be an artist to enjoy arts & crafts. There are tons of YouTube videos and online tutorials to help your family try something new! Get messy with clay or papier-mache, experiment with new slime recipes, or get creative with papercrafts. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to fail! Check out our National Crafting Month blog post to get a few ideas for your next craft.

Before the new school year begins, make family time a priority and remember to include the whole family when celebrating; grandparents, aunts & uncles, godparents, and even family friends!

Drama Kids International has over 50 Franchise locations all over the United States and online classes to provide the program to all children. If you would like to join the Drama Kids family, contact us today!

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