National Literacy Month

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Literacy Month

Did you know that September is recognized as National Literacy Month? At Drama Kids, we believe in the transformative power of drama! So, it should come as no surprise that participating in theatre can have a positive impact on a child’s reading skills. How?

For one, a drama class can lead to an enhanced vocabulary! Scripts expose children to a wide range of words and phrases they might not encounter in everyday conversation. They often contain rich and varied language that helps expand their vocabulary. It’s like embarking on an adventurous journey through words and expressions that might be unfamiliar with, making learning both exciting and educational! This new vocabulary can then be applied not only within the play, but also in their personal lives, enhancing their communication skills and making them more articulate individuals!

Additionally, rehearsing lines and performing on stage requires kids to read and speak aloud regularly. Continuous repetition and recitation can lead to improved reading fluency, as they become more comfortable and confident with their reading skills. As children repeatedly engage with scripts, they not only become familiar with the text, but also learn to decipher the intended emotions and expressions of the characters. Kids start to analyze character motivations, plot development, and narrative structures – all wonderful analytical skills to have! This will help them critically interpret other reading material as they grow.

So, here’s to the enduring magic of drama in nurturing our children’s love for reading and shaping them into articulate and confident kids! Happy Literacy Month! Find a Drama Kids near you today:Find a Drama Kids near you today

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