Drama & Acting Classes

Drama Kids’ award-winning drama & acting classes are now open in Lutz! DRAMA ISN’T JUST FOR KIDS WHO WANT TO BE ACTORS! Our classes help children and young adults develop important life skills: Public Speaking, Creative Thinking, Collaboration, Problem Solving, Leadership, and more!

Drama Kids Students having fun
Drama Kids Students having fun
Younger group of Drama Kids

Full-Year Curriculum Overview:

Drama Kids classes are built to allow children to grow from class to class. Curriculum is developmental and progressive!

Weeks 1-12: Basic Acting Skills: acting tools body, voice, & imagination, building trust, collaboration (working together as an ensemble), speaking skills, spatial awareness, and much more.

Weeks 13-22: Performance Skills: blocking, building characterization, improvisation, reacting, developing expression & stage projection.

Week 23-Last day of Class: Collaborative activities that include group scenes, group improvisations, and more. Preparing students for their Parent Participation Day that is held the second to last week of class.

Does my child have to enroll for the full year and why?

Drama Kids is a skills-based program focusing on building our student’s confidence through interactive and developmental drama activities. While it is not required that your child commit to the full year and students can join a skills class at any time throughout the year, it is strongly suggested that they attend as many classes as they can throughout the year! This is because our community classes perform a Spring Presentation in May and in order to give their best and be fully prepared, students need to build the necessary skills that can only be learned in the classes leading up to the rehearsals. Registration will close for these classes on the first day of Spring Break.

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