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BECAUSE …. We “ACT UP” WITH A PURPOSE…. And results are visible.
Our students “ACT UP” while learning important life skills. Drama Kids offers children a creative drama & literacy enrichment program where they develop skills in acting & public speaking. Children will….

  • Gain confidence, poise and self esteem while expressing themselves creatively and confidently
  • Develop critical-thinking skills to apply to academic challenges.
  • Understand and gain a love for theatre and the performing arts
  • Explore creativity and exercise the imagination. Learn body and spatial awareness through rhythmic and expressive movement
  • Perform before peers in class and for friends and family in a staged performance
  • Learn to work in teams while gaining social skills
  • Learn transferable skills that help them through adulthood.
  • Learn to enunciate and speak out clearly

We know that Drama Develops Kids, and we take great pride in our program and are committed to making sure your child receives an excellent experience. In order to grow, students need to gain independence and self-esteem yet work as a team. They want to be challenged but feel supported and praised for their efforts.

We are committed to developing our students through an outstanding, high-quality program taught by our dynamic teaching staff. Our instructors are highly qualified, talented educators, extensively trained in the Drama Kids curriculum. They possess abundant energy, enthusiasm, and a love of children that always puts a student at ease and ready to jump into any scene!

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