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Christine Fenn

Owner & Director

Imagination lets a child become anything they want. Having the ability to dream and create is incredibly important for every child, which is why we encourage and celebrate imagination every day here at Drama Kids International, with our Crown Point and Northwest Indiana acting classes for kids and after-school programs!

There’s no age cutoff for being allowed to indulge your imagination. In life, creativity and imagination are just as important as
experience and knowledge. We think Albert Einstein said it best – “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination!”

We always encourage parents, no matter the age of their child, to spark creativity in their children. Talking about imagination should be common dinner table chatter. When children can imagine, create, and redefine themselves with support from the people who matter most in their lives, their futures can be changed forever.

That’s why Drama Kids International was founded. Our Crown Point and multiple northwest Indiana locations provide acting
classes for kids and after-school programs help children discover their inner creativity, kick their self-esteem into high gear and develop crucial life skills like public speaking, problem-solving, and leadership.

I am truly excited that we have returned in-person to our communities in Northwest Indiana. Check out our class schedule page to find the class nearest you or email us if you’d like Drama Kids to come to your child’s school. I can’t wait to meet you and introduce your family to Drama Kids!

Drama & Acting Classes in the Northwest Indiana area

Director – Christine Fenn


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