Take 2

Performance Classes

Take 2 Performance Classes

Take 2 Performance Classes

This is a performance done DRAMA KIDS style. Our students are still our #1 focus. We focus on BUILDING CONFIDENCE, NOT on the SHOWS! No pressure. No singing or dancing experience is required. Everyone gets a part.

Our TAKE 2 classes are designed for students who desire to gain additional performance experience. TAKE 2 allows our enrolled Drama Kids students to expand their acting skills and gain additional performance opportunities.

Lion King production by Drama Kids
Drama students acting up & having fun

Take 2 Performance Classes

Discover the transformative power of our Take 2 classes at Drama Kids Greensboro, High Point & Winston-Salem! These exceptional classes provide enrolled students with the opportunity to expand their acting skills and shine on stage.

By enrolling in a Take 2 Performance class, you will witness the astounding growth of our Drama Kids students. Our classes serve as the foundation for success, empowering students to build confidence, develop creative thinking, enhance public speaking skills, boost self-esteem, and showcase their acting abilities. Embark on this thrilling journey and unlock your true potential. Let’s begin and find the perfect class for you!

The Difference is Dramatic!

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