We want to thank you so much for the fun and various skill developing exercises you gave the little ones. Our daughter enjoyed your classes so much! I am so happy we decided to stay! You all are wonderful teachers, with lots of patience and wide knowledge. The enthusiasm and encouraging personalities made the kids feel comfortable and happy. We look forward to a fantastic new semester to come!



My son has really enjoyed Drama Kids – I really like how the classes and teachers stress talking confidently and acting with purpose. My son is having so much fun that he doesn’t realize he is learning great life lessons. And, when we had moved to a home-schooling environment, Drama Kids was the one class he did not want to miss. Thank you so much to the teachers for somehow managing multiple kids on video chats while allowing each of them to tell stories and express their creativity. We will definitely be back in-person when school returns to in-person classes!



Drama Kids provide children with the opportunity to build confidence, enhance social interaction as well as improve processing of receptive and expressive language skills. Learning a script or improvisational techniques strengthen memory and problem-solving strategies. These are valuable lifelong skills!



Drama Kids is awesome. I love it. I learned so much. I would definitely recommend it to others who love to act or even those who don’t.



Drama Kids is a great organization to be a part of. While learning new complex techniques involving drama, we enjoy ourselves and make many friends.



This was the first year my 10 yr old daughter has taken any drama class, and been with Drama Kids. Mr. Thomas and the amazing Drama Mama team deserve more that five stars! Not only did they bring out things in our children, thru drama, they could have never experienced w/o them, but they recognize each individual child, their talent, and verbalize this to them after their performance. How much this does for a child’s development and self-esteem!

More than anything, these two angels on earth care so deeply for these kids, LOVE what they do and boy does it show! 5 Star Google review



Thank you so much for continuing Drama even though the schools are closed. I think it’s especially important to bring some kind of normalcy to the kids during this time of social distancing. With schools closed and with social distancing, the kids miss seeing and being with their friends… They talked about how much fun they had acting out different scripts and seeing their friends act as well. Thank you so much for taking advantage of technology and bringing drama class into our home. When talking to their drama teacher the love he has for his students is undeniable! I just had to send an email to say thank you! With everything that’s changing in our routines in this difficult time thank you for keeping drama going!



My 10-year old son is in his second year with Drama Kids. He loves the program and looks forward to going every week. The teachers are uniformly patient and enthusiastic. They do a great job of cultivating a supportive atmosphere in class, so Eric feels comfortable “letting loose” and exploring his creativity. The exercises are fun and keep his attention easily. I am delighted because Eric has been afraid of being the center of attention and tended not to volunteer to do anything involving presenting or standing up in front of people. In school this year, Eric seems more confident and less fearful of speaking up -it has been thrilling to watch. I believe that Drama Kids played a key role in the positive change.



Both of my kids loved being in Drama Kids in the Spring. They loved learning and acting out their play with Mrs. Kat. It gave them a chance to be creative and have fun while boosting their confidence and learning team-building skills. I know this will benefit them in the future when having to give presentations in front of their class (we still say “project” around our house when someone is talking too softly to be heard):). I also think it is giving them a valuable lesson in teamwork and what it takes to achieve goals as a group.

Thanks for a great experience and we’ll see you again in the fall!




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