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Ying Yen

Owner & Teacher

Hello! My name is Ying Yen and I’m the Director of Drama Kids International for East Side Manhattan. As a youth in my hometown of New York City, I was active in theatre. As an adult, I continued to perform on the grand stage of corporate America for over a decade. During that time, I saw the varied presentation capabilities of senior business, government and academic leaders around the world. I also gave numerous presentations myself. It was then that I realized the tremendous value of my theatre experiences which instilled in me the confidence and presentation skills to speak in front of any audience. I have also had the pleasure of working with children throughout my life and am very passionate about helping children gain the necessary skills to become our future leaders.

At Drama Kids, we focus on developing self-confidence in young children and important life skills, like public speaking skills, creative thinking and problem-solving skills. We develop each child at his/her own pace taking into consideration each child’s unique personality. We also provide regular feedback to our parents on their children’s development in our program. Teamwork is fostered through group activities, and all students participate fully each week and in our semester-end performances. Come join us on our adventures and let’s discover your child’s dramatic side together!

Join our team! Drama Kids is seeking dynamic and fun part time teachers to meet our growing class schedule. Please visit our Contact Us Page and submit your interest.

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