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Ray Smart Drama Kids owner & director

Ray Smart

Owner & Director

Ray Smart is a musician and writer with 10 albums, 12 volumes of poetry, and 2 screenplays to his credit. In addition, he has a Master’s degree in Education, with 10 years’ experience in the classroom. He believes that creative self-expression is of utmost importance to the development of children. He is highly creative, energetic, and loves working with children.

As an educator, Ray knows firsthand the paramount importance of excellent communication skills for children to be successful in school. When he learned about Drama Kids’ proven curriculum, he was so excited to have the opportunity to fuse three of his passions together…creativity, self-expression, and teaching children.

At Drama Kids the “Difference is Dramatic!” Developing important lifelong speaking, leadership, and social skills through FUN drama activities is our specialty! Drama Kids International is the largest after-school drama program in the world, with more than 50,000 students at 1,500 plus locations in both the US and internationally. Our copyrighted curriculum features original creative lessons with a built -in advancing scale of language development that enables students of different ages and abilities to progress at their own rate.

Its curriculum differs significantly from traditional drama programs, with an emphasis on fun drama activities that are designed to allow all students to fully participate and develop acting and speaking skill regardless of age or prior experience level.

While your child will certainly gain acting skills that will be beneficial to a budding “star”, our main goal is to help children develop the skills they need to succeed in life; to be able to use a well projected voice to ask questions or volunteer answers, to make friends, or participate easily in teams and study groups, to be able to discuss or share ideas fluently, to easily speak with adults, and to have the confidence to say no and stick up for themselves when necessary. These skills will follow them as they move through school and into the “real world”, allowing them to be able to interview confidently, negotiate effectively, and think creatively.

I am very excited to bring Drama Kids to the Mankato area.

If you would like to see Drama Kids at your school or community center please contact us at (507) 995-0629, or email [email protected] to learn more about this amazing program.

Drama & Acting Classes in the Mankato, St. Peter and New Ulm area

Director – Ray Smart


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The Difference is Dramatic!

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