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Drama & Acting Classes

Upper Primary Drama & Acting Classes in the Mankato, St. Peter and New Ulm area

Grades 3-5

Welcome to Drama Kids Mankato, St. Peter and New Ulm, where we offer exceptional drama and acting classes for students in grades 3-5! Our captivating and interactive classes are specifically designed to ignite your child’s creativity and cultivate their love for the performing arts. Led by our talented instructors, your child will explore the thrilling world of drama and develop essential techniques to enhance their acting skills. Our focus on building confidence, self-expression, and communication abilities ensures that our drama classes provide a supportive and enjoyable environment where every child can truly shine.

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Drama & Acting Classes for Upper Primary

Unlock your child’s potential through our developmental drama program, which presents an array of creative activities designed to foster leadership, communication skills, and self-confidence. Build a foundation of drama skills, including projection, articulation, dramatic movement, and improvisation, and watch your child flourish. The program offers the opportunity to work in group scenes and shine in imaginative solo scenes.

Give your child the gift of drama this school year, and watch them thrive!


Our drama classes provide a transformative experience for kids, helping them develop confidence and build self-esteem. Through engaging activities such as speech, dramatic movement, improvisation, and scene starters, students in the Mankato, St. Peter and New Ulm area children’s theater and kids acting classes acquire essential skills that empower them to express themselves creatively.

At the end of each year, they showcase their growth and talent by performing a short, scripted production for parents and friends. In our fun-filled atmosphere, our Mankato, St. Peter and New Ulm kid’s acting classes aim to cultivate ongoing confidence, self-esteem, and verbal communication skills. Join our drama program today and watch your child shine on stage!

We offer drama, theater, and acting classes in schools in Mankato, St. Peter and New Ulm. You can also join one of our local area drama, theater, and acting community programs.

Imagination takes center stage in our classes. This program is a great introductory drama experience that allows children to develop speaking skills and creative expression. New drama activities and scenes at each of our Upper Primary drama classes allow children to gain confidence while having loads of fun.

Upper Primary Creative Drama Classes last for the entire school year and culminate in an end-of-the-year showcase presentation.

Note: Certain programs may not be available to all Drama Kids locations.

Upper Primary Classes

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