Fantastic Creative Outlet

We have tried other extra curricular activities in the past, and she had fun, but was never truly passionate about those activities. I was worried that this might be the same but Drama Kids has been a much different experience for her! Presley looks forward to Wednesday nights for her drama and All-Star classes. It has been a fantastic creative outlet for her and she feels like it has made her more outgoing and confident. I love how excited she is to tell me what she has learned after class. Thank you Drama Kids—

Donna, Parentsun-separator

Confidence & Determination

Thank you Drama Kids Team for giving Kate confidence and determination! She just shines when she is on stage! These skills will serve her well now and in the future! Thanks again for being encouraging and giving these children life-long gifts!

– Bill and Robyn, Parents


A Great Experience

I would like to thank Ms. Amy for a great experience at drama kids this summer! My daughter, Kendall did her camp this summer for the first time and she LOVED IT!!!! Ms. Amy made her experience a great one and it’s very refreshing in this “it’s boring” mentality our kids have today. I’m grateful for all the things Kendall learned- she got out of her shell and gained confidence in herself! Yay Ms. Amy!!!! Many Thanks!!

Shannon, Parent


Pursuing Dreams

Makenzie has participated in Drama Kids for the past 2 1/2 years. She has really enjoyed the teachers and the program. Drama Kids has helped her develop speaking and social skills, increased her confidence and helped her to be more comfortable in front of people. She has worked all these skills while having fun. She was able to participate in the Christmas parade with Drama Kids. The spring performance and awards program has kept her motivated to continue and pursue bigger dreams. These are things that without Drama Kids she would not have experienced.

Sandi, Richardson Parent


Speaking Out

We couldn’t believe our eyes at the Parent Presentation! Lainey was standing up tall and proud, and actually speaking out! This did not seem like the same child that was constantly hiding behind my skirt. Thank you, Ms. Tricia, for building Lainey’s confidence and helping her to “break out”. We see the benefits in so many ways! We appreciate you!

Christina P-Parent


Amazing Job

What a wonderful Spring Performance! We were pleasantly surprised to see the amazing job that you have done with these kids. We knew that Andrew was enjoying class each week, but we can see now that it has done so much to help him become more confident and poised. THANK YOU DRAMA KIDS! We especially appreciate the time you take with each student, and the way you personalize the experience to each child. Andrew feels like a very special part of your group. Keep up the good work!

 Trey and Betty W-Parent


Exceeded my Expectations

Luke and Carl attended a Drama Kids camp this past summer and the program exceeded my expectations by miles. My goal in sending the boys to this camp was to see if the program lived up to its advertised promise of boosting self-esteem and confidence in kids. Luke, our oldest (5 yrs), had leaned on the shy-side of interaction with other kids and adults especially. I did not expect him to enjoy play-acting scenes and role-playing characters with a group of kids. He is engineer- and sports-minded. I was VERY surprised. He loved going each day and was disappointed when the week ended. The last day of camp the parents were invited to see a series of small skits put on by the kids, and there was Luke, uninhibited, free to speak and dramatize without fear. Our younger son, Carl (4 yrs) was already a gregarious and outgoing type, so he fit right in and enjoyed himself playing characters and reciting small, memorized parts in the skits. The program also showed me how much kids are capable of memorizing in a short amount of time. The methods used by Drama Kids are well researched and well executed. I recommend it to everyone. All types of children can benefit from Drama Kids International.

Carrie F.,-Parent


Overwhelmingly Positive

As an administrator I have been every pleased with the Drama Kids International program. Working with the DKI staff has been a pleasure. They are always available to answer questions and provide any information needed so that the running of the program goes smoothly. They are professional and take their role in educating the “whole” child very seriously. The response from both our students and parents has been overwhelmingly positive.

The program is structured to enhance a child’s ability to think critically, to speak with confidence in front of an audience, and to promote many of the academic skills that are taught in the classroom such as making inferences, interpreting author’s point of view, etc.

The DKI staff handle all of the “housekeeping” aspects of the program as well. They register the students, take responsibility for getting them to their after school sessions and the dismissal process. They do it all. As certified educators themselves, I have confidence in what they do and their level of commitment to the kids and the program. I am thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity to my students and parents for the full year in 2012-2013! Cheryl Alexander, Principal at Steadham Elementary

Steadham Principal-GISD-Educator