Welcome to Drama Kids Online

Welcome to Drama Kids Online! Drama Kids Online brings the nation’s largest and most popular after-school drama program directly to your child in the comfort and convenience of your own home! Our online drama classes are perfect for all children, tweens, and teens, regardless of experience. Whether you are just beginning to explore acting, or if you have years of experience and want to gain additional skills and learn new techniques. Drama Kids Online teachers are trained to meet the needs of every student. This is what makes our program unique!

Our Drama Kids curriculum was created by experienced drama educators and is the result of more than 35 years of experience and development. We use fun and fast-paced drama activities to build children’s speaking, acting, and social skills. Our goal is the development of life skills such as confidence, public speaking, creative thinking, and more through the magic of drama and acting. While some of our students may have dreams of becoming a professional actor one day, we focus on using acting as an educational tool and do not assist in finding talent agencies or acting roles for your child. Our program will help set your child up for success in whatever educational and career path they may follow by teaching the key skills that every child needs.

Drama Kids Online Classes will help your child to:

  • Learn and polish new acting skills while having fun!
  • Learn from experienced, professional acting teachers.
  • Speak confidently in group settings.
  • Build their voice, movement, and creativity by encouraging them to be themselves.
  • Articulate their thoughts and feelings clearly.
  • Strengthen their teamwork skills by creating scenes with partners and small groups.

Experienced Drama Kids teachers conduct our weekly classes LIVE on ZOOM. You will receive weekly email reminders before each class, and regular updates on your child’s progress.

Discover why at Drama Kids, the difference is dramatic! Sign up today while space is still available. We are so excited to help your child reach and exceed their own personal goals, whatever they may be!

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