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Drama is for Everyone

      Summertime is typically when parents start thinking about what kids will be doing outside of the classroom. Will it be a learning and development opportunity? A new club? Tutor? Favorite sport or activity? As you consider the options available to your kids, don’t forget about drama and the Arts. Drama Participation Increases […]

New Year, More Confidence!

      Welcome to 2021! Ringing in the new year should also mean finding new ways to boost your child’s self confidence. But how does a parent go about encouraging confidence in a child who might be a bit on the self-conscious side? We at Drama Kids International are in the business of helping […]

How Kids Can Give Back

      The holiday season has come and gone and a new year is here! If you are looking for a fun and engaging activity for the kids, try giving back this year. Volunteering is a great way to not only enjoy quality time together, but you’ll also be giving the perfect gift to […]

Acting Up at Home During Holiday Breaks

      Make a Family Music Video We all watch various music videos on YouTube and have seen those adorable homemade music videos go viral, so why not try your hand at it? Pick out a song that the whole family loves, coordinate your outfits, choreograph some dance moves and go to town! Don’t […]

Acting Skills are Life Skills

  Learning how to act is more than just learning how to be an actor. According to Dr. Louis E. Catron at Appalachian State University, there are 25+ special advantages, or life skills, that students learn when they study theatre. We will break down a few of those skills here:   Communication Skills Both oral […]

The Power of the Voice

  Radio, podcasts, audiobooks. You might not think of these things as acting but they are! Any voice you hear where you cannot see the person speaking is a voice-over. According to Studiobinder.com, “Voice over is a production technique where a voice is recorded for off-screen use.” The most recognizable form of a voice-over is […]

Speaking Out Against Cyberbullying

  October is National Bullying Prevention Month and along with individuals around the nation, Drama Kids unite to present a powerful message that bullying should never be a part of childhood. According to a study done by Comparitech, almost 60 percent of parents with children aged 14 to 18 reported them being bullied with nearly […]

What in the World is Improv?

  You might have heard your Drama Kid say that they did some improv in their class but what exactly is improv? Improvisation, or improv, is a form of live theatre in which the plot, characters, and dialogue of a game, scene, or story are made up in the moment. Often improvisers will take a […]

On Camera Acting

    TRUST Trust your instincts. Trust that you know what to do and that whatever your gut instinct or first reaction is is “right”! You are interesting, funny, engaging, smart enough without having to force anything. The camera is like a magnifying glass that is able to catch everything the actor does so less […]