I want to do classes the whole year! It’s like a class, but you have fun with friends while you learn!

Varvara, Upper Primary Student

Drama Kids was the perfect outlet for my energetic 13 yr old. She was not only taught about theater and what goes into a production from start to finish, she also had an amazing mentor Cassie and she made friends for life !

David Jackson Father of Acting Academy student

“My daughter had an amazing time participating in the Drama Kids virtual camp. Not only did it bring structure to her day, she had a ton of fun participating in the activities (coming up with different costume ideas, making different props, acting out different characters), and making new friends. The teachers were excellent and very engaging – even in a virtual environment. I would highly recommend Drama Kids!”

Kara Sims, Renton, WA

So cute! I love how organized the lesson plans are too! Some of our other enrichment classes switch to online and it is a bit of a disaster

Thanks for setting this up! It’s great for the kids to have some normalcy. I’m sure a lot of work went into getting this off the ground.

That was really cool! I sat back and observed two live meetings today. Yours was by far the best. Her teacher tried google meet- it was a disaster. Your meeting was organized, fun, purposeful and I could really see how you could make this work with instruction. Thanks for all you do!

Drama Kids has been a great outlet for our daughter, and I love knowing she’s having fun before school Friday mornings when I’m at work. A positive experience overall!

Jessica Clark, Renton, WA
Mother of Maplewood Heights Elementary Student, Age 10

Our daughter loves Drama Kids. She has always been a little shy and it has helped her gain confidence and step out of her comfort zone.

Deena Davis, Renton, WA
Mother of Maplewood Heights Elementary Student, Age 11

The kids have a great time. It gives the kids confidence on stage and that has increased my daughter’s confidence with public speaking at school.

Laurelle Graves, Renton, WA
Mother of Apollo Elementary Student, Age 9

Drama Kids has been a great self-esteem builder for my daughter. She is learning to interact better with others and how to express herself the proper way. It is also providing a fun creative outlet for her and she is meeting her friends.

Stephanie Baxter, Renton, WA
Mother of Amazing Grace Christian School Student, Age 6

Our daughter loves Drama Kids. She makes new friends, is getting more confident, and looks forward to class every week.

Scott, Renton, WA
Father of Lake Youngs Elementary Student, Age 8

This is a wonderful program. Even my granddaughter’s teacher has commented on her speech. She no longer whispers and now speaks up for herself. Others have recognized the difference.

Avril Shelley, Kent, WA
Grandmother of Carriage Crest Elementary Student, Age 1

Natalie’s confidence has grown so much due to her participation in Drama Kids!

Katherine Litondo, Kent, WA
Mother of Home-schooled Student, Age 9

I once read somewhere that public speaking is the number one fear in America. The fact that it’s one of my greatest fears and one of my partner’s greatest strengths; we wanted our children to feel comfortable and confident speaking in front of a crowd. Enrolling them in Drama Kids was the perfect place to get them started. The teachers are engaging and the program is fun! We discovered that our kids love being on the stage. They’ve gained knowledge and skills related to public speaking that they will utilize in all facets of their lives. Thank you Drama Kids!

Lily Garcia, Bellevue, WA
Parent of Cougar Ridge Elementary Students, Ages 7 and 8.

Ella has been on the stage in dance class for years. She loves being on stage and we love seeing her expand her abilities.  Her confidence levels are through the roof.  We are thankful.

Tess, Renton, WA
Mother of Home-schooled Student, Age 8

It was a great program for finding a group of kids who all loved being silly, feeling safe and accepted and getting on stage!

Addisen Miller, Home-Schooled, Covington, WA Age 11

My daughter loves Drama Kids.  It gives her confidence and is a direction in life in which all children can make good choices in the kinds of activities they choose to participate in.

Karen Crnich, Kent, WA
Parent of Beverly Park Elementary Student, Age 11.

Drama Kids encourages imagination, self-esteem and pride in self.  And it teaches you to work well with others.

Taylor Dansie, Renton, WA
Dimmitt Middle School, Age 12

This program has helped develop Virginia’s sense of self.  She has opened up both on stage and in her day-to-day life.  She’s excited to go to class every day and “wants to do this forever”.

Melinda Lawrence, Renton, WA
Parent of Ridgewood Elementary Student, Age 9.

We have seen increased confidence in Jack.  His Dad and I did not know he would enjoy Drama class a much a he does.  It has opened something up in our son and it has been wonderful to watch.

Tess, Renton, WA, Mother of Home-schooled Student, Age 10

Drama Kids is nice for communicating with other teens.  It’s good training for making presentations to more people.

Liliya, Renton, WA
McKnight Middle School, Age 12

I definitely recommend Drama Kids to other parents. My son loves it and the teacher is very patient and enthusiastic.  As a parent I can tell that the Drama Kids class helped my child to improve his self-esteem, confidence, communication and creativity.
Thank you Drama Kids!

Eugenia, Renton, WA
Mother of Talbot Hill Elementary Student, Age 6

My 8 year old daughter has truly enjoyed participating in Drama Kids classes.  It was a nice way to try something different than dance, while allowing her an outlet for creativity and imagination.  She looks forward to her time with Ms. Carol every week!

Jill Peery, Renton, WA
Mother of Maplewood Heights Elementary Student, Age 9

I would recommend Drama Kids to everyone. I feel that any opportunity to express oneself and work as a team toward a common goal is a very important lesson for a growing mind especially involving the arts. Drama Kids provides that lesson well.

Ulrike Rudolf, Renton, WA
Mother of Maplewood Heights Elementary Student, Age 9