Have questions? Explore our frequently asked questions (FAQs) below for quick access to the most common questions about our drama classes. If you have questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact us.


A. Drama Kids has open enrollment until we start rehearsals for Spring Performances. On January 31st, enrollment will close until we open again for the next school year session.

A. Tuition will be adjusted to exclude the classes prior to your enrollment.

A. Our School-Year classes have a Money-Back Guarantee. If, after your first class of the school year, it is clear to you that Drama Kids is not a good fit for your child at the moment, please contact us within 24 hours to receive a full refund. We can always try again at a later time. Our email address is DramaKidsTexas@gmail.com. Having said that, please know that some children may take as many as 7-8 classes to warm up, learn the routine, realize that our classroom is a safe space where they are not being judged, and become comfortable in their Drama Kids class. Due to the nature of our program, we consider this to be a fair trial period for the student to get acclimated to the program. Oftentimes the most reluctant students are the ones we see blossom the most!

A. Yes! Drama Kids teachers are excellent at meeting each child where they are. They can change their teaching style to adapt to any student by helping them when it is needed and challenging them when they are ready.


A. The easiest and most secure way to update your credit card is through our parent portal.  You can visit our portal by clicking here.  If you have trouble updating your card you can always call our office at 281-855-2555.

A. Our school-year tuition is separated into equal monthly installments for your budgeting convenience. You pay the same amount of tuition each month on the same day regardless of the number of classes in the month.


A. Tuition cost is specific to each individual class.  You can find the tuition prices listed next to each class. Find the right class for you here: “Class Schedule”

A. Additional cost information for:

  • Camps
    • there are no other fees.
  • School-Year Creative Drama Classes:
    • $30 Registration Fee per student upon registering.
    • $20 Performance Fee per student is charged Feb 15th, which includes tickets for your family, and student awards, and helps defray the cost of renting the venue.
    • We try to keep costumes simple and ask for things students would most likely have at home or could easily borrow or source inexpensively. We encourage you to get creative and borrow and use what you have! Drama Kids provides any “special” props or costume pieces.
  • “Take-2” Performance Class:
    • $50 Show Fee will be charged upon registration. This includes the student’s script, tickets for your immediate family, digital photos, video, and t-shirt.
    • Students will need to source basic costume pieces, which may come at a small expense, while Drama Kids will provide any specialty items that would be more costly. We encourage you to get creative and use what you have or borrow what you need.

A. Yes, there are a limited number of scholarships available to those who qualify. An application process is required to determine eligibility. Please send an email to dramakidstexas@gmail.com to request a scholarship application.

A. For our school-year classes, the first child in a family pays normal tuition, and siblings living at the same address receive a 10% discount. This does not apply to Take-2 classes.

Class Info

A. Our classes begin with fun introduction activities that prepare the students’ bodies, minds, and voices for the Drama Kids class. Then, in our speech component, students hone their articulation, projection, and volume control skills. In the creative movement portion, students implement postures, body language, and physical storytelling. In our main lessons, students perform short scenes (either scripted or improvised) to combine their speech and movement skills with their own creativity. Each class concludes with a high-energy activity.

A. At the end of the Spring Semester, students perform a Spring Showcase Presentation. This is a short theatrical performance where students are given the chance to demonstrate the skills they’ve learned in class. Each student gets a character with lines to memorize and uses teamwork to rehearse in class and perform for parents and family at the end of the year.

A. For the comfort of other students, and because we require adults in close proximity with students to be background checked, Drama Kids does not allow parents to observe classes from inside the classroom. However, we have several Parent Participation days throughout the year, which is a great way to experience a class with your child. And of course, your family is invited to watch your child at their Spring Showcase Performance.

Take 2 Class Info

A. Absolutely! These classes are offered within our Drama Kids Take 2 Performance Academy, which are held at our most centrally located classroom at St. Mary’s Episcopal.

A. Take 2 Performance Academy is a musical theatre and stage performance program that students take in addition to their weekly Drama Kids Creative Drama or Acting Academy Class. For more information, click here or select “Take 2 Performance Class” under the “Class Schedule” menu.

A. Because we serve students in CyFair, Klein, and Tomball areas, we decided to hold our classes at St. Mary’s due to its location near the center of our territory.

A. ALL students in our Take 2 Performance Academy must also be registered in and regularly attend a weekly Drama Kids skills class, either Creative Drama or Acting Academy…NO exceptions. These weekly skills classes are crucial to the success of our shows, as this is where our students receive the foundational skills needed to perform an amazing show.

A. The program is equal installments of $99 a month.

A. There is a $50 show fee. The fee covers the cost of the script, tickets to the performance for your immediate family, digital photos and video, and a t-shirt.

A. Yes! Take 2 Performance Academy is the perfect introduction to musical theatre and stage plays. Because every student is taking a weekly skills class in addition to this program, students learn and practice all their basic acting and public speaking skills before entering rehearsal. Then they bring those skills they have learned into rehearsal where instructors encourage student creativity when building a character and foster confidence through singing, dancing, and acting. Instructors never expect perfection but do encourage creativity and fun!

Class Locations

A. Community Classes – We have late afternoon/evening classes at many community locations throughout Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Spring, Klein, and The Woodlands. Community classes are open to all children regardless of what school they attend.

In-School Classes – We have classes right after-school at many Klein ISD schools, Katy ISD Schools, and Private Schools. A list of all in-school locations can be viewed by clicking here. If you don’t see your school listed, please call our office, and we’d be happy to set up a meeting with your PTA or school administration.

A. Have no fear! Drama Kids is always looking for new class locations. Send an email to dramakidstexas@gmail.com or call our office at 281-855-2555 for information on how you can help us bring Drama Kids to your child’s school. If not, there are many community classes available here

Camp Information

A. We offer 3 kinds of camps:
Creative Drama for ages 4-6. Two hours per day for one week
Creative Drama for ages 7-11. 7 hours per day for one week
Performance Camp for ages 5-14. Camp meets 7 hours per day for two weeks and concludes with a performance.

A. Creative Drama Camps explore different themes in a fun and interactive way. Each day is comprised of a variety of activities, from short plays to improvisational scenes, and includes theatre games, arts and crafts, and more. These camps are perfect for children of all ages and experience levels.

A. Performance Camps offer students a chance to perform in a musical or a stage play, depending on the offering for that summer. With acting, singing, and choreography, these camps can challenge children who have experience in theatre while also presenting musical theatre and stage acting in a fun and easy way to digest for beginners.

A. We offer summer camps at a large number of locations throughout northwest Houston, Cypress, Tomball, Klein, and Spring. To see all available summer camps, click here.

A. Tuition costs are specific to each camp. You can find tuition prices listed next to each camp here.

A. No. Just tuition. That is all.

A. Yes. There are a limited number of partial scholarships available to those who qualify. An application process is required to determine eligibility. Please send an email to dramakidstexas@gmail.com to request a scholarship application.

A. We do not offer before or after camp care.