Take 2

Performance Class

Take 2 Performance classes are performances done Drama Kids style. Our students are our #1 focus. Throughout the rehearsal process, we help students build confidence. There is no pressure to be perfect, and no singing or dancing experience is required.

Drama Kids Students having fun
Drama Kids Students having fun
Younger group of Drama Kids
Drama and Acting Class - Lion King Kids


St Mary’s Episcopal Church Take-2, 15415 N
Eldridge Pkwy, Cypress, TX 77433

In this program, students will rehearse for 90 minutes, one day a week. Rehearsals will conclude in an onstage theatrical production. To enroll in Aladdin Kids, students MUST be enrolled in a Creative Drama or Acting Academy class at any of our in-school or community locations. “Take 2” classes will be held at centrally located St. Mary’s Episcopal, and the Performance will be at a local venue. A performance Fee of $50 per student will be charged on Nov 15th. The fee covers scripts, tickets, digital photos & video, and T-shirt.

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