Lower Primary

Drama & Acting Classes

Lower Primary Drama & Acting Classes in the Destin and Fort Walton Beach area

Grades Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

Drama Kids’ Lower Primary class is designed to help students grow their leadership, communication skills, & creative thinking through a wide range of engaging activities. In this class, students will learn the fundamentals of projection, articulation, dramatic movement, & improvisation while building self-confidence through imaginative character-building & group scene work.

Drama Kids Students having fun
Drama Kids Students having fun
Younger group of Drama Kids

K-2 Creative Drama Classes in Destin and Fort Walton, FL and surrounding areas

Are you looking for a class that’s both fun and educational? At Drama Kids, we offer high-quality developmental drama classes for K-2 students. We focus on developing effective communication skills and fostering curiosity to enhance their educational experience. Our theater and acting classes in Destin and Fort Walton, FL are dedicated to boosting children’s confidence to empower them in all aspects of life. Our engaging curriculum is designed to spark your child’s love for the performing arts while nurturing their confidence and creativity. Join us for a school year of learning and self-discovery the Drama Kids way!

Our programs are designed with the understanding that ease in social interactions leads to stronger friendships and better adaptability to change, making school an adventure to look forward to for students in these vibrant Texas communities. Drama Kids of Destin and Fort Walton, FL, and surrounding areas is here to empower young minds through performing arts.

At Drama Kids, we’re proud of our dedicated instructors who inspire students to become confident communicators. They engage students in a variety of creative exercises, including speech development, dynamic movement, and improvisation. Our drama, theater, and acting workshops are integrated into school curriculums and community programs throughout the Dallas area.

These workshops are the cornerstone for sparking creativity, allowing kids to express themselves and develop speaking skills in a nurturing and fun environment right in the heart of Texas. Regularly introducing new drama activities and scripts keeps our classes exciting and ensures that every child finds their confidence and joy in participating. With locations in Destin and Fort Walton, FL you can find a Drama Kids locations near you! The journey through our Lower Primary Creative Drama Classes unfolds throughout the academic year, culminating in a low-pressure performance opportunity that showcases the personal growth and achievements from students across Destin, Fort Walton, Florida and their neighboring cities.

Sign Up for a Drama Kids Class Today! We are proud to offer after-school drama programs to the beautiful communities of Destin and Fort Walton, FL.

Note: Certain programs may not be available to all Drama Kids locations.

Lower Primary Classes

There are currently no classes for this area. Check back with us as we add new classes and camps.

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