We have loved our experiences with Drama Kids!!! My daughters have so much and love going to drama class. I’ve loved seeing how they have grown in confidence. They were shy speaking in front of groups but they have steadily gotten more confident and now speak louder and more clearly. They have also learned how to think on their feet with the improv activities. And they get to practice teamwork. As they have learned about inflection and speech, I’ve also seen improvement in their reading. Drama Mama is amazing! She is so kind and patient with the children and you can feel her passion. We can’t recommend it enough!



Drama Kids was already at our school when I joined the faculty. We didn’t have a program at the school I came from so I was interested to see what it was all about. I knew it must be very Please list the nine testimonials you would like us to add to your testimonial page (if different from what is already there). popular because they had 3 after school classes. I enrolled my daughters, and they all really enjoyed it. Thier teachers noticed that they spoke with more confidence when they gave presentations in class. One of them told me she could always spot a Drama Kid because they gave the best oral reports. When they put on their end of year performances, I was very impressed with the overall quality. Their plays were short and cute but what impressed me was what the teacher said at the beginning. She said this was about teaching the kids about teamwork and giving them confidence and that was the most important part of the program. Drama Kids really is a phenomenal program.



I love Drama Kids! I was a Drama Kid for 3 years. We always had a … …ton of fun working on scenes and improvisations, playing theater games in class and writing our own plays at summer camp. Our spring shows were fun and since we only met once a week I had time to participate in other school activities. Drama Kids is the best!



You know how you put your kids in something and then maybe at a certain point their enthusiasm for whatever it is dwindles and they don’t want to go or just aren’t very excited about it….yeah well…that is NOT the case for Ilana and this Drama Camp which is thrilling for me. I LOVE that she wakes up excited to go every morning! She’s having so much fun. I don’t know if it’s the acting or all the kids or a mixture of both but it makes me so happy to see her having so much fun Thank you Drama Kids of Northwest Florida!!



Great program! It has helped my daughters build confidence in themselves by performing and speaking in front of peers and adults. The end of year plays are amazing.



I was really nervous to come here. I didn’t think I’d make friends and learn a play. But I really like everyone and they are really nice and kind of weird like me and we learned all our lines. I think this is my “thing” because I really like being here.



Such a great program! First thing on my kids’ list of extracurricular activities every semester!



We absolutely adore Drama Kids! It is my kids’ favorite activity each week! Alissa is able to get even the quietest kids to come out of their shell and have fun!



After… … my son’s Drama Kids performance last week another parent commented on how good he was and that he seemed to be a “natural.” What she didn’t know was that before he started Drama Kids, my son wouldn’t talk in front of a group. He wasn’t shy and had no problem talking to people he knew but if you asked him to answer a questions in class or speak in front of a small group, he would clam up. Drama Kids helped him learn to open up in a small and safe setting. Now his teachers at school comment on how great his presentations are, how he always makes eye contact and uses lots of expression and other parents comment on how he is a “natural” on stage. Thank you Drama Kids!



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