Drama & Acting Classes

Our in-school program brings the Drama Kids award-winning curriculum right into the schools! DRAMA ISN’T JUST FOR KIDS WHO WANT TO BE ACTORS! Our classes help children and young adults develop important life skills: Public Speaking, Creative Thinking, Collaboration, Problem Solving, Leadership, and more!

Drama Kids Students having fun
Drama Kids Students having fun
Younger group of Drama Kids

Crestview Take 2 Performance Academy

Sawabona Place Events 101 4th Ave E Suite C, Crestview
Ages 7-17
This is a 2-hour class, and you are not required to register for another Drama Kids class to participate

Mary Esther

320 Miracle Strip Pkwy, Mary Esther
Grades K-5

Walker K-5

Walker Elementary 2988 Stillwell Blvd, Crestview FL
Grades K-5

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